It’s Been A While ! Large Update Ahead !

27 02 2010

While I was looking at my miles cycled stats today, I was shocked at just how few I had cycled, Since the start of January I have cycled 470 Miles, Why so low ?

Well , sit back, get a drink and i’ll explain.

On the 5th Janaury I had a pretty bad RTA on a main road. This accident was caused by ice and a lack of grit, for anyone who knows it I was on the 4 lane section of Hyde Road, Gorton.


It was around 8.30AM I was looking ahead to traffic lights getting ready to slow if needed, my Garmin told me I was doing 18mph, normally here I am doing 28mph + but was taking it easy due to the conditions. The next thing is im over the handle bars……………..Then it all went black !!!!!

I woke up to see many people around me, I was in the recovery position and I had no idea what was going on, I felt sick and was in agony, the police and amblance were on scene within a few moments, the reason they were there so quick was actually due to the fact I was KO’ed for so long, my bike was taken away and I was taken to hospital, I had no idea what had happened, I had no idea what I was saying or doing but I DID remember to ask for my Garmin, The paramedic knew what this was and he got it before my bike was taken by the police. The police and paramedics were all great, as were the people behind me that didnt run me over and even stopped to help and call the emergency sevices.

My face, shoulder, elbow and knee all took one hell of a beating, nothing was broken  though so I was lucky, I also recall a witness saying the way I slid along the road I was lucky not to be hit by a car, so I was lucky again !!!! It took me a few weeks to feel lucky though !!!

How Cold I Felt While Laid On The Floor Waiting For An Ambulance !

When I got home I plugged my Muvi into my computer and went to look at the footage, I was gutted to find out that with the huge force of the impact the SD Memory card fell out, so sorry, theres no video of me spilling it 😀

I do want to thank my wife for being an excellent nurse when I was unable to walk 😀

So where did I go from here? Well a few weeks off work followed, when I did go back I was on my old MTB. Something I thought I would never ride again, but as there was still a little snow around I wasnt taking a risk and my body was not up  for riding a higer geared road bike !

Eye Of The Townsend !

The first few weeks were slow and painful, I knew I had to help myself somehow !

I purchased a  Tacx I Magic turbo trainer, I knew this would help me regain fitness and strength and it worked !!!!!

The Tacx I Magic turbo trainer is AMAZING, its also bloody annoying at times too, TTS 2.0 is great and frustrating all at the same time, after around 30 hours I had it all working 100% and then I was off.

Up The Alps On A Hybrid

Milan Demo

You can ride real life videos, VR routes heck you can even cycle along google earth with the resistance being adjusted every time you hit a up or downhill section, you can race your previous times or anyone elses and you can even do all  of the above online, against other real people, Sure the Tacx I Magic turbo trainer isnt cheap, it cost me more than my beloved Ribble but just last week me and my Ribble were back  together and on Thursday I was just 2 mins outside my all time PB. I put that down to the strength that the Tacx I Magic turbo trainer helped me build.

So Iwould reccomend everyone gets a Tacx I Magic turbo trainer and doesnt fall off on icy roads ! 🙂





8 responses

27 02 2010

Glad you’r ok now mate 🙂

27 02 2010

Cheers Mate 🙂

1 03 2010

Sounds painful! Ow! Keep going though, just try to stay on the bike from now on 😉

5 03 2010

It sure was mate, Just got back home from a short day, feels like I FINALLY got my fitness back (to where it was) now I just need to stay upright ! 😀

4 03 2010

Bloody hell mate. I’ve only just found this blog. I did wonder why we hadn’t heard from you for a while.

I’ve just sold an I-magic. Great arn’t they!
I used to have a real love hate relationship with that Mnt Ventoux real life dvd.

I went arse over tit in Jan several times myself depite using a MTB. Those icy roads were lethal wern’t they! (Thankfully i’d always put my body armour on so I was never hurt.)

I hope you’re now fully recovered.

5 03 2010

Aye im here, just not as much as I used to be.

I LOVE the I-Magic, tho it can be lov-hate, its not the most bug free thing I have ever used !!!!!! but once you got it sorted its AMAZING !

Im a way off Mnt Ventoux just yet, but I am looking forward to the day I can try (and do) it.

Yup the ice was a real B***h, didnt expect it on a main road tho TBH, Ithink today is the day I can class myself as fully recovered after doing my second quickest ever commute.


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