My Attempt At A Biggest Loser Challenge. Attempt 1 Lives Changed FOREVER

4 04 2010

Yesterday I attempted a challenge that I saw on The Biggest Loser a couple of weeks ago.

The Challenge was to cycle a Marathon, 26.2 Miles on a turbo trainer in the fastest time, the winner got $10k. Ok so I wasnt racing for $10k but I was racing to see how far I had come and a little bit of pride, my confidence took a knock when I had my accident and I have been trying to find it the last couple of weeks.

The fastest time set by the winner on the show was 1 Hr 17 Mins, with last place setting a time of 1 hr 41mins.

Now all of the contestants on the show apart from the last place person weigh LESS than I do. With that in mind anything under 1 Hr 40Mins would be respectable.

I set off pretty hard and was holding 26 Mph for the first 20 mins or so, but before too long I was slowing to 20/22Mph I was struggling to keep a high speed/cadence and keep my heart rate low enough that I would blow up.

but soon enough I had passed the finish line, I was unsure if I had beaten the 1 hr 40mins target I set myself, I was exhausted, it has been such a long time since I rode at such a high cadence/speed and it had really taken it out of me.

So the stats:

Distance:  26.64 mi

Ave Speed : 22.8 mph

Max Speed : 35.2 mph

Time: 01:10:06

So I had beaten the WINNERS time by a full 7 mins….Why then do I say its attempt 1 ?

The reason is that I actually rode 2 sections of 13.1 miles and 13.5 Miles , so I now know I have it in me, all I need to do in attempt number 2 is ride both sections at once, then I can see if I can keep the pace up non stop.

Remeber all but 1 contestant in this biggest loser challnge weighs LESS than I do (as it is now into week 11), they all train for 8 hours per day !!!!!!

Next time is MY TIME.

An OLD Turbo Trainer Picture.

And in other news:

This weeks cycling stats in total:

Distance: 102.41 mi

Ave Speed: 14.3 mph

Max Speed: 35.2 mph

Ave Heart Rate: 141 bpm

Ave Distance/Day: 9.31 mi





7 responses

4 04 2010
Yoga positions for beginners. Great tips.

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5 04 2010
Clive Chapman

Turbo trainers, a devil’s creation. That’s some going though mate. top bombing!

5 04 2010

Eh up Clive, I gotta agree mate, Riding on the road is MUCH more easy. That said its a challenge that as soon as I saw it I said “I HAVE TO DO THAT” Considering its been a 4 day week I have put in a few miles. Think I will rest today and try again next weekend :D.

Cheers mate, gimme a few weeks and I will do it in one go 😀

6 04 2010

Top riding sir. I’m sure you’ll beat the times especially as you’re watching your pace and heart rate to do it right. Brilliant stuff!

9 04 2010

Eh up Phil, Just seen your comment now, sorry for the delay, Thanks for the comments mate, Im sure, given another couple (or so) attempts I will nail it, for when I do I have a special Shirt to wear 😀

9 04 2010
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16 05 2010
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