A Marathon (4 Day) Week In Review

9 04 2010

and WHAT a week it has been too !

The 4 day weekend was broken only by my attempt at a Biggest Loser Challenge, While thinking about that weekend, just how AMAZING was Cancellara in the Tour of Fladers ? (Pic Below)

Fabulous Fabian

Anyways onto the important stuff….ME 😀

In the past few weeks I have been slowly upping my mileage until passing 100 miles (in a week) last week. This week feeling fully rested I exploded out of the blocks with a bang…….Cycling further and faster every day, feeling stronger and stronger and not once finding the going tough….Remarkable considering I have cycled over 90 miles in just 4 days.

Rock'In Ribble

So here are the stats for 4 days worth of cycling to work:

Distance: 91.82 mi

Ave Speed: 14.1 mph

Max Speed: 33.2 mph (Garmin Connect says 77.9 Mph, Took me a while to find the correct figure)

Ave Heart Rate: 145 bpm

Ave Distance/Day: 22.87 mi

Quite happy considering that the minimum I needed to do this week was 48 miles.

and why do I say a Marathon week in the title ? because today I cycled a total of 26.61 Miles…….A MARATHON !!!!!! (well actually thats more than a Marathon but hey, I’ll take it)

I still have time to pass 100 miles again before the start of next week……Maybe it will be attempt 2 of the biggest loser challenge that pushes me over the 100 miles? who knows ? for now  I need a well earned rest.

OHHH as a quick additional point, I was looking at Garmin connect and my average speed over a month has gone up 3 Mph (Figures for March) since Oct last year and my Cadence is up from an average of  63 rpm to 79 rpm (over a month)





6 responses

10 04 2010
Clive Chapman

Good going big feller!

10 04 2010

Cheers mate, had a recovery ride of 13 miles today and finished on 105 miles for the week…Nice.

11 04 2010
Toby Field

Impressive mileage there. I’ve planned a 28 miler for a couple of weeks time. My longest so far by quite some mileage

11 04 2010

Cheers man, im hoping for the same tomorrow, good luck on your ride too.

12 04 2010

Alright buddy, stumbled across your website randomly. Gotta say fair play to ya, it is much easier to be lazy and do nothing than it is to excert yourself.
You can live happily knowing that youll be healthier, living longer and feeling better.

Grats mate.

13 04 2010

Hi Rob.

Thanks for the comment man, Your right, life would be easy, but then I have been there and done that, I didnt like all the illnesses it gave me,or the unhappyness, etc etc. I like, no love how I am now, long may it continue.


EDIT: 40 Miles down for 2 days commuting this week 😀

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