Variety is the spice of (Cycling) life !

17 04 2010

and what a great cycling week it has been.

After watching Eddie Izzard (ed iz running) where he ran marathon after marathon, I decided I want to, wherever I can attempt to cycle a Marathon a day, its not a “Goal” as I know I wont be able to always do it, so I will class it as a challenge.

Monday I set about my new daily target of cycling a Marathon in a days worth of commutes and headed out to Didsbury and through Old Trafford, Meeting a work collegue in Manchester and then finally arriving at work, notching up a decent 17 miles, a little too low for a marathon and I finished the day on 23 miles, not a marathon but better than the minimum of 13 miles I actually need to get to and from work.

Tuesday I did a new route, carrying out a bit of a covert ops on something and then headed off to sports city, the last 5 miles of the commute werre done at an average of 16.5 Mph, No marathon as I ended the day on 17 miles but I had a decent turn of speed.

Wednesday morning was a little more of the same, not a huge distance but once again I was getting quicker, however I did a new way home as the traffic on Hyde road was 101% gridlocked, and all seemed good, it was extra miles and some pretty quick ones too, however the bike didnt feel quite “right” turns out the path I went up (cycle lane) had some nasty, spoke smashing rocks, DISASTER for my goal of the week !!!!!!!

Thursday was FRUSTRATING, I had to take the Townsend and ended on 13 miles for the whole day, I didnt have brakes or gears and got dropped by a folder, WORST CYCLING EXPERIENCE  EVER !

Friday, Friday was a GREAT DAY !, Friday morning I had intended to go to Stretford, however I wanted even more miles so looked for and found another new route.

All the way from Gorton to Didsbury a guy on a Peugeot and I were flying along at between 21mph and 25mph, he looked shocked everytime he looked back to see I was still there, but in truth I was strong and fresh after only doing 13 miles the day before, and finally on the last corner before we parted I dropped him, I got a little lucky as he ran wide but he didnt get a chance to come back. We nodded the nod of respect at each other, he went right, I went left and the rest of the journey was just amazingly enjoyable after that 😀

Friday night I went another new way home and covered 10 miles, added to 18 in the morning and I had done 28 miles in 1 day, more than a marathon, RESULT !

Today I wanted to nail 120 miles for the week,so out came the turbo and off I went.

Turbo Time

Stats for the week are:

Miles 120.25 mi

Ave Speed 13.4 mph (Lower than normal thanks to the Townsend)

Ave Cadence 74 rpm

Calories 12,966 C

Max Speed 35.5 mph

Max Average Heart Rate 147 bpm




4 responses

18 04 2010

I dont think I manage 120 miles a week commuting and I alway take the long wat

18 04 2010

But Red, when you do a “Long” ride you smash the miles I do so its pretty academic really 😀

I’d REALLY like 150 miles a week BUT I think that is beyond me…..for now !

20 04 2010
Clive Chapman

A tad more than me mate, my record is a 108 so far. Nice one!

21 04 2010

Cheers Mate, As of today Wednesday I have cycled 87 miles 😀 Im tired but not sore and ready to give it some more. 😀

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