Ohhhh Such A Long One, Longest Cycling Week Ever !!!!!!

23 04 2010

Wow, Thats been a hell of a week. Time for a recap.

This week has felt the best I have had on a bike in a very long time, In January my body and confidence took one hell of a beating, for quite a while afterward I wasjust doing 6 miles each way to work, but over the last few weeks my body and confidence have been getting much stronger, resulting in my longest ever commute week.


Coming after my best week on the bike was a grey, cold and windy Monday morning, but as it was dry and I was ready to kick on I decided I was gonna put some serious miles in……….1 mile later it was raining, HARD, with a head wind, by the time I had done 4 miles I just wanted to stop and get to work, but I would have been a good hour early so I pushed on after 8 miles I decided enough was more than enough and fed up I scooted off the beaten path to work, Finishing the day on around 20 miles after getting a decent homeward leg in.

Tuesday: Marathon Number 1

I felt like a caged animal having to give up short of 10 miles the previous morning so with the weather dry and looking like it was gonna stay that way I set off, and I intended to more than make up for the previous days failings and boy did I do that

In the morning, before a full days work I rode for a total of 22 miles with a 14mph average and in the evening I cycled the long long way home giving me my first 32+ mile commute.

Wednesday:Another Matathon Day

Still feeling strong and over the moon about Tuesday I set off for a nice long ride again, by the end of the day I had once again cycled more than the distance of a marathon.

Randomness from Thursday Evening.


Felt tired and sick in the morning so took a short way to work, duked it out with and dropped a roadie on a black trek, that gave me all the medicine I needed to ensure I cycled the long way home again in the evening salvaging the day at a little under 20 miles plus to quote the great Lance Armstrong

“Pain is temporary, but quitting lasts forever….”


Nice morning, sore legs, after just 4 miles I needed to pull over for 30 seconds, my legs were screaming out at me, decided to continute with an extended commute but not a 20 mile + one, Glad I did as 10 mins later my legs were back in fine form and a little outside Manchester, in a urban area I found this weird and wonderful playgroud, it was sooo out of place I just HAD to photo it.

Oasis In The Urban Jungle

Actually its pretty hard to see but its a tyre swing made out of trees, amazing.

Friday evening I once again took the long way home ending with a sprint finish…………………….What a great week…….

Miles 138.21 mi

Ave Speed 14.2 mph

Ave Cadence 77 rpm

Calories 12,966 C

Max Speed 35.5 mph (Garmin says 239.7 Mph, However we should assume that is not correct LOL)

Max Average Heart Rate 139 bpm




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