39 Stone Cyclist, Gaz and Lance Armstrong

31 05 2010

Who dropped who ?

Just Un-Real

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Become A Believer – Another PB Tumbles

23 05 2010

Very quick update this week.

I only did 80 miles due to my Hip Injury and the back end of a stinking cold

On Thursday however I had, had enought and set off like I was TT’ing vs Lance Armstrong arriving at work in a mere 19 mins with an average speed of 17.8Mph, I was chuffed, Thats not the full story though, I had to pull over to allow an emergency paramedic car to pass and my hip was sore (Understatment Time), without those 2 things I believe I can pass the 18mph average.

Im takin a break from commuting for the next 2 weeks so there are a couple of planned updates to ensure you dont get bored and decided to stop coming here.

I will be unabe to approve comments for a while bt PLEASE keep submitting them as I will get round to them.


Do you BELIEVE ?

To tee this one up lets do a before and after:

First up me, 18 months ago in my San Diego Chargers NFL Jersey

URGH....Was that REALLY me ?

and now me in my new Ingerlund Shirt…..YES IT FITS !!!!!!!!!!!!

10 Years in waiting !!!!

If I can....ANYONE CAN !!!!

OK So its not a great picture but you get the point, I will get some beter ones taken and post them in a few weeks.

For now though just remember if I can do it…ANYONE CAN !!!!


Lost ….. ! TWICE !

16 05 2010

Another very enjoyable week on the bike, here is the review.

Every day this week I wanted to attempt a new route.


I got lost in Cheadle and ended up going past the Alexandra Royal Hospital and over the M60 (Or is it the M56?) ending up at the wrong end of Kingway and having to navigate 3 lanes of traffic with 2 of them being filter lanes to slip roads !!!! SCARY !!!!!

Finished on 24 miles so all was good.

M60 Cheadle


Cant remember why but I only did 15 miles…….lets move on


Same as Tuesday…


This has to be my best commute day EVER, It went like this…..






Manchester Airport


Whally Range




I think you will agree at 24 miles its was a little mental BUT the weather was amazing and to be fair…I got lost and didnt mean to go so far.

Snapped this great pic while messing with my Garmins Sat Nav (BTW its the first time I used the Turn By Turn on it and bleedin eck its rarther bloody good)

No Volcanic Ash Issues Today !

Finishing thursday on 29.9 miles I dropped another roadie on the way home and hit a PB. Top quality day of commuting !!!


Woke up to find my old friend the “Sore Hip**” problem was back, Kep the miles to 13 and the average to a low 14.5 mph, caping off another very enjoyable week of cycling.

**I have since found out that its actually something called “piriformis muscle syndrome” and after being unable to walk on Sunday moring and barley get outta bed I have done some stretches to fre the nerve and now while im still a little sore I can walk just fine and I’m looking forward to tomorrows commute.

Next Week:

Remember to BELIEVE Either next Sunday or Monday I will post a video reveal of weather or not I can now wear football shirts so please keep tuned.

and FINALLY……..I think the following picture sums my journey up very well….

39 Stone Cyclist and a 20 Stone Cyclist !!!!!

BELIEVE ! Maybe……….. JUST MAYBE !!!!!!

9 05 2010

When I decided to lose weight my main goal was to save my life, second to that was to be small enought to fit into a football top once again, for the first time in around 10 years !!!

Did I do it ???????


Well there is an answer but I cant tell you just YET…….Come back, 2 weeks today for the answer, I promise you it will be explosive, one way or another..

In this weeks cycling news I cycled 80 miles in 4 days with a skinking cold, gutted I didnt hit the 100 goal but there is always next week, come back next Sunday for a round up of next weeks cycling and remeber 2 weeks today there WILL be an answer to the question posed above……

BELIEVE !!!!!!!

The Biggest Loser (on NBC) Saved My Life (Pictures Enclosed)

5 05 2010

Yesterday in a comment on here, to Ben. I promised an EXPLOSIVE update…..Well HERE it is.

Very few words apart from to say that it was while  watching Season 5 of NBCs The Biggest Loser that showed me morbidly obese people CAN work out…..The rest as they say is history…

The first picture was taken 4 weeks after watching Biggest Loser for the first time, the second was after watching it for 4 seasons !!!!!!!!!!!!

The BIGGEST Loser !

The Biggest Loser….Lives changed FOREVER !!!!!!!

April 2010 Is Done, Great News On The Weight & A Dr Asking ME Advice !

2 05 2010

Well that is April done and gone for another 12 months, I’m gonna start with a  recap of this week, it was again another bloody good one 😀

Monday morning was a little chilly but I managed 18 miles before work, this evening ride was a breeze and I finished on 26.7 Miles, Day 1, Matathon 1 done, Later that evening I poped out to pick up my Surosa and rode it home approx 2 miles, so by the end I had almost done 30 miles in one day !!


Left a little later than normal, wanted to put the Surosa though its paces but as I wasnt too sure how good it was didnt want to push it only for something to happen miles away from where I needed to be, needless to say the Surosa was AMAZING and I ended the day on 24 Miles.


I went looking for a new, longer route to work that took on semi decent roads, apptempt 1 went pretty well and although I didnt get any extra miles in I did learn quite a lot, finishing on just under 25 miles it was another good day.


Had a meeting before work meaning I left late, put in 10 miles before work and finished on a disappointing 18 miles but my legs and the latic acid they were swimming in thanked me.

Thursday evening I had an appt at my GP’s while I was waiting for the Doc, another Doc who I have seen a few times while on my weight loss journey came out of his room and to say he was stunned would be an understatment, we chatted about how I have done, how far I ride and then he asked me what bike he should get to lose a few excess lbs, a Doctor asking ME for advice ??? That gave me a rarther large smile 😀


The work day that never was, due to an air of confusion I eneded up cycling 27 miles non stop, my average speed was a little under 15mph, the traffic and weather was a nightmare so was bloody chuffed by the end of it, even if my feet were freezing 😀

Miles 120.21 mi

Ave Speed 14.2 mph

Ave Cadence xx rpm **

Calories 8,869 C ***

Max Speed 34.3 mph

Max Average Heart Rate 155 bpm

** Cadence sensor broke, thats 2 now that died with nothing but normal riding, GARMIN  GSC 10 = JUNK !

*** I have programmed a new calculation into my Edge and it seems MUCH better for calories now.

After Fridays ride I weighed myself, I am now at the weight I PREYED that I could get to when I was being approved for the operation I never had…….now I have done that, I want another 4 stone, I cant believe that I am ONLY 4 stone off  what most people my height would consider a normal weight, I never thought I would even get close, to celebrate here is a slightly camp picture of me for you to all LOL at:

Camp ? Me ?

Finally, below please review April’s stats:

Miles 497.21 mi

Ave Speed 13.9 mph

Ave Cadence xx rpm

Calories 46,731 C ***

Max Speed 37.7 mph

Max Average Heart Rate 155 bpm

Average Miles Per Day: 22 Miles

Think it’s fair to say April was a GOOD month !!!!!


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