April 2010 Is Done, Great News On The Weight & A Dr Asking ME Advice !

2 05 2010

Well that is April done and gone for another 12 months, I’m gonna start with aΒ  recap of this week, it was again another bloody good one πŸ˜€

Monday morning was a little chilly but I managed 18 miles before work, this evening ride was a breeze and I finished on 26.7 Miles, Day 1, Matathon 1 done, Later that evening I poped out to pick up my Surosa and rode it home approx 2 miles, so by the end I had almost done 30 miles in one day !!


Left a little later than normal, wanted to put the Surosa though its paces but as I wasnt too sure how good it was didnt want to push it only for something to happen miles away from where I needed to be, needless to say the Surosa was AMAZING and I ended the day on 24 Miles.


I went looking for a new, longer route to work that took on semi decent roads, apptempt 1 went pretty well and although I didnt get any extra miles in I did learn quite a lot, finishing on just under 25 miles it was another good day.


Had a meeting before work meaning I left late, put in 10 miles before work and finished on a disappointing 18 miles but my legs and the latic acid they were swimming in thanked me.

Thursday evening I had an appt at my GP’s while I was waiting for the Doc, another Doc who I have seen a few times while on my weight loss journey came out of his room and to say he was stunned would be an understatment, we chatted about how I have done, how far I ride and then he asked me what bike he should get to lose a few excess lbs, a Doctor asking ME for advice ??? That gave me a rarther large smile πŸ˜€


The work day that never was, due to an air of confusion I eneded up cycling 27 miles non stop, my average speed was a little under 15mph, the traffic and weather was a nightmare so was bloody chuffed by the end of it, even if my feet were freezing πŸ˜€

Miles 120.21 mi

Ave Speed 14.2 mph

Ave Cadence xx rpm **

Calories 8,869 C ***

Max Speed 34.3 mph

Max Average Heart Rate 155 bpm

** Cadence sensor broke, thats 2 now that died with nothing but normal riding, GARMINΒ  GSC 10 = JUNK !

*** I have programmed a new calculation into my Edge and it seems MUCH better for calories now.

After Fridays ride I weighed myself, I am now at the weight I PREYED that I could get to when I was being approved for the operation I never had…….now I have done that, I want another 4 stone, I cant believe that I am ONLY 4 stone offΒ  what most people my height would consider a normal weight, I never thought I would even get close, to celebrate here is a slightly camp picture of me for you to all LOL at:

Camp ? Me ?

Finally, below please review April’s stats:

Miles 497.21 mi

Ave Speed 13.9 mph

Ave Cadence xx rpm

Calories 46,731 C ***

Max Speed 37.7 mph

Max Average Heart Rate 155 bpm

Average Miles Per Day: 22 Miles

Think it’s fair to say April was a GOOD month !!!!!





8 responses

2 05 2010

Superb work on the weight loss Gaz! You really should sign up on the Silly Commuting Stats thread with that mileage πŸ™‚ Might also be worth looking in Daily Mile as a great way to track your exercise…most of the SCR bunch are on there and it’s a great alternative to the Silly Commuting Stats thread πŸ˜€

3 05 2010

Thanks mate.

Cheers for the Ideas, Garmin Connect is pretty good at all that tho, even exports to Exel,tis top notch πŸ˜€

3 05 2010

Ah yes forgot you have the garmin, something I’ll still trying to convince my missus I need πŸ™‚ being a huge stats geek and wanting to explore the Downs to the south/southwest of London the Garmin 705 is my perfect gadget!

Dailymile now actually supports upload from Garmin

3 05 2010

Ahhh yes, there is NO QUESTION you NEED a Garmin Edge, End of story πŸ˜€ However, good luck πŸ˜‰

3 05 2010
Clive Chapman

Cool stats mate. Well done!

My Doc did the same when I went for my 6 monthly BP check up at xmas. He wanted to know how I’d done it. I told him to prescribe blogging!

3 05 2010

Cheers Clive Muccka

I told mine to prescribe a Surosa with a side order of Ribble πŸ˜€

4 05 2010
Ben Blyth

Great news on the progress Gaz. Amazing work. Inspirational. Glad you are back up blogging again. They are an enjoyable read.


4 05 2010

Thanks Ben for your (too) kind words.

Glad your enjoying the blog mate.

Keep tuned for what should turn out to be a REALLY short but great mid week update (Hopfully tomorrow)

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