The Biggest Loser (on NBC) Saved My Life (Pictures Enclosed)

5 05 2010

Yesterday in a comment on here, to Ben. I promised an EXPLOSIVE update…..Well HERE it is.

Very few words apart from to say that it was while  watching Season 5 of NBCs The Biggest Loser that showed me morbidly obese people CAN work out…..The rest as they say is history…

The first picture was taken 4 weeks after watching Biggest Loser for the first time, the second was after watching it for 4 seasons !!!!!!!!!!!!

The BIGGEST Loser !

The Biggest Loser….Lives changed FOREVER !!!!!!!




6 responses

5 05 2010

Well done, I thought watching telly was supposed to be bad for ya ;>D

5 05 2010

LOL Thanks man, Guess just this once TV is ok 😀

6 05 2010
Clive Chapman

Whatever works Gaz, Frank’s and your original blog worked for me.

You take inspiration where you can get it! 🙂

7 05 2010

Clive, thanks mate,appreciate that man 🙂

8 05 2010

Gaz, They are great pictures. I am delighted you are a MASSIVE Loser!!! :0)

9 05 2010

LOL Thanks Ben Mate, Much Appreciated.


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