BELIEVE ! Maybe……….. JUST MAYBE !!!!!!

9 05 2010

When I decided to lose weight my main goal was to save my life, second to that was to be small enought to fit into a football top once again, for the first time in around 10 years !!!

Did I do it ???????


Well there is an answer but I cant tell you just YET…….Come back, 2 weeks today for the answer, I promise you it will be explosive, one way or another..

In this weeks cycling news I cycled 80 miles in 4 days with a skinking cold, gutted I didnt hit the 100 goal but there is always next week, come back next Sunday for a round up of next weeks cycling and remeber 2 weeks today there WILL be an answer to the question posed above……

BELIEVE !!!!!!!




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10 05 2010

Hi I am new to your blog and it really is inspiring; I am hoping to take up cycling myself during the summer and at 26 stone I am a big lad. I just wondered what type of bike you have and the cost? I am going to start my research now and set myself a goal for the London to Brighton event in a year or so. Any advice would be great thankyou and keep up the great work!

10 05 2010

Hi Lawrence

First off thanks for your comment and may I wish you good luck on the weight loss. its hard work but trush me when I say its worth it !!!!

As for bikes, I have had MANY (I fully intend to do a pages devoted to all the bikes I have had) but the 2 I have now are reviewed here

Bikes are VERY strong, wheels are the soft part, makes sure you get ones with at LEAST 36 spokes, everything else on the bike will be fine.


10 05 2010

Ah ok I was worried that I may have to buy one of those special “big guys” bikes which seem very expensive. Are wheels with 36 spokes ok for us heavier guys then? I am 6’3 so I’m thinking of a big mountain bike. Thanks again for the advice.

10 05 2010

No mate, those are just over-hyped and over priced.

I was on a bottom of the range Giant MTB at 34 plus stone without an issue.

As long as you have at least 36 spokes in your wheels and decent rims you will be fine mate


11 05 2010
Clive Chapman

Gaz, you’ve over hyped the football shirt thingy, we all know what the result will be… 😉

Oh and Lawrence, Gaz is right, I’m a fatty and 36 spokes is fine and a MTB is the way to start.

11 05 2010

Over-Hyped ? Noooooooo Mate, its just too close to call !!!!!

Yup MTB with 36 spokes is where most of us “fattys” started….now look at us 😀

11 05 2010

Cheers guys; I used to be a pro fighter but I got injured 6 years ago; an injury which put an end to my athletic career. I’ve gained weight over the years and have recently gone back to the gym but as I can’t jog right now I thought a bike is the way to go. I would also like to cycle to school where I teach, alot of the pupils ride bikes and we have a massive unit to protect the bikes.

I spoke to a few guys today and they said a mountain or hybrid bike is the way to go. I am going to check it out on the weekend.

14 05 2010

A pro eh ? Wow a pro in our midst, i’ll remember not to p**s you off LOL

Joking aside I used to cycled everywhere when I was younger and the last memory of cyclist I had was being left KO’ed in the middle of the road in a hit and run accident. I was 17 at the time, took me 11 years and 39 stone to get back on the bike after that incident, so glad I did tho (Although I did 30 fast paced miles yesterday and seem to have broken my hip today LOL)

Depending on budget I can reccomend a few Hybrids and MTB’s (As i had a few LOL)

All The Best


16 05 2010
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23 05 2010

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