Lost ….. ! TWICE !

16 05 2010

Another very enjoyable week on the bike, here is the review.

Every day this week I wanted to attempt a new route.


I got lost in Cheadle and ended up going past the Alexandra Royal Hospital and over the M60 (Or is it the M56?) ending up at the wrong end of Kingway and having to navigate 3 lanes of traffic with 2 of them being filter lanes to slip roads !!!! SCARY !!!!!

Finished on 24 miles so all was good.

M60 Cheadle


Cant remember why but I only did 15 miles…….lets move on


Same as Tuesday…


This has to be my best commute day EVER, It went like this…..






Manchester Airport


Whally Range




I think you will agree at 24 miles its was a little mental BUT the weather was amazing and to be fair…I got lost and didnt mean to go so far.

Snapped this great pic while messing with my Garmins Sat Nav (BTW its the first time I used the Turn By Turn on it and bleedin eck its rarther bloody good)

No Volcanic Ash Issues Today !

Finishing thursday on 29.9 miles I dropped another roadie on the way home and hit a PB. Top quality day of commuting !!!


Woke up to find my old friend the “Sore Hip**” problem was back, Kep the miles to 13 and the average to a low 14.5 mph, caping off another very enjoyable week of cycling.

**I have since found out that its actually something called “piriformis muscle syndrome” and after being unable to walk on Sunday moring and barley get outta bed I have done some stretches to fre the nerve and now while im still a little sore I can walk just fine and I’m looking forward to tomorrows commute.

Next Week:

Remember to BELIEVE Either next Sunday or Monday I will post a video reveal of weather or not I can now wear football shirts so please keep tuned.

and FINALLY……..I think the following picture sums my journey up very well….

39 Stone Cyclist and a 20 Stone Cyclist !!!!!




14 responses

16 05 2010

Well done mate, excellent work! I had a couple of those worrying “lost” moments myself today as I explored the area around Box Hill – except I have no Garmin 🙂 Made for a few interesting back-tracking incidents and detours but I eventually found my way back to a road I recognized!

On the plus side the wife was annoyed I didn’t leave a route plan or had an idea where I was so I suggested the 705 road performance pack would be ideal 🙂

16 05 2010

Cheers Mate

Getting lost is actually fun:D

Looking at my Edge it seems that I cycled in a giant circle before I stopped too, guess I would still be there now if it wasnt for the Edge LOL

Any closer to getting that 705 now then mate ? 😀


16 05 2010

Hi Gaz,

Kingway – cycled across the m60 bridge there last year & know exactly what you mean. I went south & am sure there was a cycle path with subway to avoid the sliproad, but as that looked just as scary (and was probably full of piss & glass) I wobbled straight on instead :>P

On Thursday you did most of my commute, which is a lowly 14.8 miles – twenty four? Bloody hell! Hope you managed to have a kip at brew time LOL

Hope the hip/piriformis muscle syndrome problem fades away. Don’t bugger your self up though if it’s still lingering tommorrow!

16 05 2010

Hi Ian

The bridge was fine, it was the kingsway slip roads that scared me to death LOL

Yeah was fun, was gutted at being sooo close to 30 miles in a day but I was done in and wanted that PB too bad to carry on, glad I didnt in the end tho

Yeah cheers mate, this morning was so bad, I just couldnt move but not moving was also causing a load of pain, I had about 2 hours of sleep and with the pain I felt like I was losing my mind, glad to report its miles better this evening, I might not do 24 miles but I will do at least my normal 13/14 miles at very worst.



17 05 2010
Clive Chapman

Good going mate, hope the aches and pains ease off!

17 05 2010

Cheers mate, today wasnt too bad, tho I did keep it to just 15 miles….


17 05 2010

Blimey, these commutes are getting long!

I wont go anywhere near the busy duel carigeways in Manchester. They scare me!

17 05 2010

Have to agree mate, tho on the 24 mile morning comute it was (Apart from Kingsway) nothing but empty country-ish roads, if it wasnt for my injury I would have done it again this morning….theres always tomorrow 😀


18 05 2010

Hiya mate, fantastic achievement getting to your current weight; I wondered how long exactly it has taken you? Did you build up your mileage each day to get to what your doing now? Sorry about always asking questions lol just excited to get my own bike and get going like you.

20 05 2010

Hiya mate

Thanks, I have been commuting to work on the bike for around 20 months now, started on 18 miles for the whole week (Getting the train) within a couple of months I was upto 12 miles a day and now Im on at least 12 miles each way but longer if I can get my ass outta bed 😀

Its no problems at all mate, ask away, it may take me a few days to reply but I always will.

Good look on what will be a hard but bloody enjoyable journey mate

20 05 2010
Toby Field

You look smaller than me and I have two England football shirts I can fit into OK.

20 05 2010

Where do you get yours from mate ?

I cant comment right now as I dont want to spoil the suprize 😀

20 05 2010
Toby Field

I got mine from Sports Direct. They’re 3XL

23 05 2010

Ahh yes sports direct, aka Mike Ashley putting Newcasle United FC on a par with Blackpool. LEGEND !

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