Believe Part Deux

8 06 2010

Ok so as many of you know I have been out of the country for the past 2 weeks. A quick  update today as I am a little knackered.

I promised a better picture of me in my England shirt and here it is.

The last time I attempted to wear a football shirt I looked like this !!!


Now I look like this !!!!!

Getting There !

So as you can see I am getting there !!!

Stay tuned….in the next update I will give details on 2 goals I achieved while on holiday….one of them is a HUGE one and something I didnt think I would do just yet !!!!!!!





8 responses

8 06 2010

Looking awesome sir!
But very badly in need of a neckshave there.

8 06 2010

Thanks Phillllllllllllll

Can always count on your goodself to keep my facial hair status updated 😀


8 06 2010
Peter Martin

HEY how come you’ve been bloggin all this time and I didn’t know about it – last time I looked your blog was dead…

8 06 2010


You posted a comment here months ago mate LOL

8 06 2010
Peter Martin

I think I may have been using your old blog address having forgotten to link to your new one – what a mistake to make!! That won’t happen again I can assure ya…

8 06 2010

No bothers Peter Mate, good to have you you round these parts

9 06 2010
Clive Chapman

All this talk about soccer, anyone would think there’s some sort of tournament on or something?

I haven’t got past the U20s Rugby World Cup showing on Sky at the moment, England are joint favorites with New Zealand! C’mon Lads!

Looking good Gaz, you’re doing something right!

9 06 2010

I heard on the news there are a few national teams that are gonna have a kick around this month ???? wasnt sure if it was a 5 a side thingy ?

Rugby ? Nop sorry, never heard of it 😉

Thanks mate, that picture is one of the few that I can look at and say “Yup, your getting there kid”


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