Me, Gay ? No ! Camp ? Hummmmm, Maybe !

9 06 2010

I might just be the campest straight person I know, the following tonge-in cheek update is actually scary LOL, all the following pictures were taken within the last 2 weeks !!!

None of them were set up poses, they were all taken on the “fly” so to speak.

Nice Hair Band


What grown man does that on a slide ?


and again WTF

Its not even a "Man Bag" FFS

  • Work those hips boy !
  • Un-Defendable !
  • Ok so there is the case for the prosecution !!!

    The verdict ? I will leave it to you to decide !

    **Back to the commute tomorrow, stay tuned for the next update this weekend where I will reveal what 2 goals I have achieved while on holiday, they are biggies !!!****




    6 responses

    9 06 2010

    There was me thinking you had the genius title linking to a recent cycling tour you went on!

    9 06 2010

    Genius is just of course my middle name 🙂

    9 06 2010
    Clive Chapman

    Hand in your man card now FFS!

    9 06 2010

    Clive, I do fear it might just come to that !!!

    13 06 2010


    As a row of tents & the last photo is indeed undefendable LOL

    13 06 2010

    There MUST be some masculin pictures SOMEWHERE !!!!!

    The last pic is made worse by a total lack of alcohol to shoulder the blame LOL

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