Back On The Commute Trail. 2 Goals Achieved On Vacation

14 06 2010

Keep reading for details of the goals I have achieved, I am gonna cover details of my cycling frst.

Phew,  I was only cycling for 2 days but I put myself though the ringer !!

Thursday morning I kept it to a minimum of 6.5 miles, my legs felt weird, not hard work, just strange.

What I did do however, was “ride it like I stole it”, It was my first day back cycling after 2 weeks of 35degree heat and I was battling a head wind, loads of rain and it was about 12 degrees.

I was gonna get close to my PB today. No not because I was super focused, because I was bloody freezing and wanted to get ino the warm office ASAP. I arrived at work with a average speed of 16.9Mph soaked, freezing and glad I was back in the warmth, isnt June summer any more ?

I was greeted by this when I got to work:

Better !

Sooooo its better than what we had but the main issue we had was the fact that  we didnt have enough spaces before, this has only given 2 more spaces, so while I admit it is much better, we just need 2 or 3 more now !

Thrsday evening I decided to ride a hill I have been scared of since I started cycling and have alway avoided.

I HATE hills, I dont enjoy them like I do sprinting !

I dont attack them like I do when I sprint so did I conquer it ?  HELL NO ! did I make it to the top not half dead ? YUP ! I was happy with that.

Friday, feeling strong I added a few extra miles on and did 11.5 miles before I got to work, I also took in a couple of repeats of  Lancy Hill in Stockport (Lancashire Hill) . With a 15mph average I was happy enough.

Friday evening I took in the same hill I  had done on Thrsday evening and finished the day on 20 miles with an average of 14.5 mph and a total elevation gain of just under 1000ft.

Not a bad reintroduction to cycling of the break I had.

OK OK Those goals !!!

A goal that meant more than most of the others was achieved almost 3 weeks ago !

In my original goal list  I stated

Goal: To be able to fit into an airline seat without the need for a “Fat boy” belt extender!

Monarch Airlines A300 - Manchester Airport

As we boarded the Monarch A300 – a 380 seat pane (No not an Airbus A380, I wish) it became clear that we had been seated in the very back row – Excellent I thought, you get so much more sensation at the back ! . I wanted to enjoy every second of this 4 hour flight, I always liked to fly but was always so big that I couldnt ENJOY it !

Sitting down I was suprized at just how comfortable I was in the seat vs how bad It used to be when I flew, I got the belt and was preying to myself  “please fit , please fit , please fit”  but it didnt, it was MILES too small, I was GUTTED.

“How can something that small, ever fit me ?”

However thats not the end of this tale because in my nervous excitement I had totaly forgot that the belt was set to its smallest size and that even my kids would have had issues making fit LOL

So I recomposed  myself and extented it to the maximum size and BOOM it fit !!!!!!! Well thats not true ,  it was now too big !!! so I made it a little smaller, grinning like an idiot and sat back and enjoyed the 4 hour flght. I kept the belt on all the way….Just because I could LOL.  Unfortunately I didnt get a picture, there would have been 379 people looking at me thinking WTF !!!!!


Goal No 2: To take a vacation and not gain any weight.

It was never gonna be an easy this one as the holiday was 14 nights, all inclusive but I took my workout stuff and promised myself to get to the gym….that was issue number 1 , I couldnt find the gym in the hotel, when I thought I had found it and went back the next day, it wasnt the gy. I did however swim every single day and took many long walks but by th 10th day I was convinced that I had gained weight, so much so that I said to myself  2anything under a 6 lbs gain and I will be happy”, I hadnt eaten great, nor had I been very good with drinks, upon getting back home I dragged our 90kg of luggage out of the car, checked the post and then sprinted upstairs to get my fat arse on the scales !!!!!

TICK TICK TICK TICK -” COME on will you and just bloody tell me what it is” !!!!!!, Like a demented foot I screamed to the scales.

Then BOOM !!!!! …..I was scared to look “I cant look” I said to myself, peering down I saw the following !

MNUS 1 LBS !!!!!!

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Thats wrong” I said

I jumped off and back on, -1lbs, I got on and off, Minus 1lbs, I did this twice more,In total I weighed myself 5 times and it kept saying MINUS ONE POUND !!!!!! . Guess it was right then !


You can now view my goal list on the following link:

Random - o - Vacaion Piccy

Well well well, 2 goals (Get the picture link ? GOALS ?, Never mind)  I didnt think i’d get till my next vacation !  Guess I am getting better at this losing weight thing !

You only get once chance at life and thankfully I learnt that before it was too late (Just) !

Keep tuned as on either Tuesday or Wednesday I will upload footage of the 2009 Manchester Be Proud awards where I collected the “Sporting Achievement” Award.

I am also writing what I hope will turn out to be a informative and funny review of Turkey, if like us you have never been and are considering a visit it will be a MUST READ, it is gonna take me a while though, so if your going tomorrow I cant help, sorry 🙂





2 responses

14 06 2010
Clive Chapman

Chuffed mate, that’s just great! 🙂

14 06 2010

Thanks very much mate

Just watched a DVD of me from 7 months ago and I never thought back then I’d be able to hit those goals, you will see what I mean when I upload the video


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