Never Been To Turkey You Say ? Want To Know More ? This Review Is For YOU !!!

20 06 2010

This post is intended to be a humours yet factual view on my recent vacation to Turkey, If like me you have (or had) never been to Turkey this is a MUST READ, every detail is laid bare.

Its been a couple of weeks since I have been back in the UK and wanted to let you know what I thought of my first ever trip to Turkey.

We checked in at 5am and Manchester Airport was already very busy. Were given 3 window seats by those nice people at swissport and checked in for our Monarch Flight to Dalaman.

Fill 'Er Up. We are gonna need plenty of fuel.

The Flight was onboard a pretty old Airbus A300 but its one of the best at what it does.

Here are a couple of pictures from the flight.

Back Row Of The Large A300


After a 4 hour flight we landed in Dalaman airport, The Monarch flight crew had been great and the flight was by far and away the smoothest I had ever been on, we were off the plan quickly and into immigration, there were 2 long queue ’s  for passport control and we join in at the back, once at the front we were told to leave and go to the visa desks around the corner, we knew we needed a visa but there was nothing obvious that we couldn’t get them where we were . Once “round the corner” there was another large queue. We join it, got our £10 visa’s and then went back to the large passport queue.

Dalaman Airport(Check In)

Finally that was over, and we were in the country and could go and get our bags, down the escalators we went and was told by an individual who looked like an Airport official that al “Monarch Manchester Passengers MUST use trolleys” so like good Brits we all trundled to get a trolley only to be told we must pay 2 Turkish Lira (£1) but this was not like trolleys in the UK where you get it back once returned, no, this went into the mans pocket. Interestingly if you were British it was 2 TL and if you were European it was 1.50TL but if you were Turkish it was free !!!!

Ok, our bags were last off as we were one of the first to check in back in Manchester but once we had them all loaded up we headed outside and down the slope to the coaches, what we found was part time shacks in a semi circle with tour operators names on them, we lined up in the COSMOS one only to be told this was NOT the COSMOS one, after being told what one the COSMOS one was we lined up again and FINALLY we headed to our coach, as the last ones on it was a struggle to fit our 4 bags on but with some force myself and the driver did, upon getting onto the coach our part of 5 had only 4 seats so one of our kids was forced to sit on one of our laps, not great for what was a 2 hour driver after a 4 hour flight after a 3 hour pre check in but this is what a holiday is all about isn’t it ?

Coach ...Well !!!!!

Our coach was hot, small (so cramped) and underpowered, so much so that every other coach on the way passed up like we were stood still, but hey that didnt really matter, the rep informed us al that we would be stopping mid transfer for a “rest stop” this was new to all our party who has been travelling abroad for many years and to many different countries. I don’t want to sound like a whinging Brit who expected the lap of luxury but come on this wasn’t a cheap budget holiday now !

At the rest stop, in the middle of nowhere there is a mini market, with lots of things you can buy, or your kids can ask for, the toilet costs you 2 TL each to use but after paying I noticed another sign that said the fee was not mandatory, then as we were about to get on the coach we spotted a “Slush” machine, I wanted one, as did the kids, at 4TL each it wasn’t cheap  (About £2 each) and they were VERY small but on the plus side they were REALLY nice on the hot, stuffy coach.

As we were driving into the resort our rep once again came on the tannoy to give us the gem that Turkey was hot and to use sun cream ohhh and also dont forget the coach driver has a “Tip” basket on his dash so as you leave please give him something.

Driving though Marmaris as we were dropping others off I noticed that the Turkish think they are soooo funny, I witnessed the following shop names:

Primark (2)

Asda (Shoes)

JJB Sports (Wear)

The Restaurant With No Name

The Genuine FAKE Shop (Genuine Fake is used EVERYWHERE)

and the following signs were everywhere:

“Cheaper than falling off the back of a lorry”

“Cheaper than shop lifting”

“Cheaper than Asda-Price”

“Cheaper than a P*KI Shop”

More on this later.

Once FINALLY we pulled up at our hotel more than 12 hours after we left home, we were tired but we were glad to be there.

Pineta Club Hotel

Now I fully intend to review the hotel too as on Trip Advisor I cant help but feel that it gets rating that are far too low, but for now I am gonna continue with Turkey and Turkish culture.

The porter told me to leave our bags, I said its cool I will deal with them but he insisted, OK, 5 mins later he has our 4 cases on a trolley, I unload them and I put them into our 2 rooms, I thank him for half doing what he offered and he just stood there smiling, now I have no issues tipping but his mates at the “Rest Stop” had cleaned me out 5 minutes after telling me the ins and outs of the safe he left, no longer smiling.

WE decided the next day that we all needed to Chilax on the beach so headed out to find the man made single beach that is Marmaris beach.

Shingle City

Couldn’t find any beds, its ok there’s always tomorrow we said.

The next time we looked we found beds no problems, as the kids were in the sea and our party was Chilaxing I noted something just wasn’t quite right here:

Blue Blue Blue

I then noticed everyone around us had Blue Bands on (Ours were Orange) and low and behold 2 mins later a large security guard told us this part of the beach was for the hotel that was next to us (Hence the Blue Bands) we asked if we could go somewhere else and he told us that along this section (where we are based) is owned by the respective hotels and then he said “Right get up and go NOW” ……….nothing like a welcoming country eh ??

So we took the 15-25 min walk back to our hotel and stopped off at one of the MANY restaurants  for some drinks, the following picture was taken while we were at the restaurant….How Random

Nottingham ?

The guy serving us seemed like the owner and he was wearing a fake Real Madrid Shirt, making the Nottingham Forest sicker even more random. Like everywhere else in Turkey there were no prices so I was a little shocked to see a bill totalling £15 for 5x Soft Drinks the size of normal Cans, Yup £3 each for what amounted to a can of coke. Then it all made sense, the guy in the Madrid shirt had said seconds before I was told the price if this was our “First Time In Turkey” I said yes , hoping for some helpful tips, all I got was laughed at and a doubling of the bill.

The next day was spent in the AMAZING grounds of the hotel in a vain attempt to find some more Chilaxing time.

Nice REAL Nice

It started pretty well but before long we received loads of hassle (Yes even inside the hotel grounds) we were asked:

“Do you want Turkish Bath” ? No thanks, Can I give you info ? “No Thanks” Can I give you leaflets ? “No Thanks”

“Tattoo” ?

“Do you need any Hairdressing services “ ?

“Scuba Diving Guys” ?

“Photo” There was one HELL of a sleazy photographer at the hotel who kept taking picture of our kids even after being told NO! So I started taking pics of him (See Below).

The Reps were FULL on when selling Bingo tickets and Raffle tickets and were offended to the point of shouting in Turkish as they walked off if you said no and stood by it.

You DIRTY Sleaze Bag !!!!!!!!!!

Out and about shopping and things got worse, the Turkish are obsessed with blondes, I had read this before but having a blonde daughter who is only 5 I assumed she would be ok, but how wrong was I ? every shop we went in she was mithered , given free sweets, asked how old she was, they were always trying to put their hands on her and asking questions that were just too much, now some of you might say that’s just being nice to kids, but why, if that was the case was my son who was stood next to her totally blanked and NEVER EVER given anything ????

Some of the attention made me feel sick it was just WAY over the top. It was that bad my advice to you , if you have a blonde daughter is to NOT go to Turkey !!!!! (Since we have been home we have heard of story’s WORSE than ours, if you want to know more just ask)

Most of the shops sold the same old tat and fakes, I did ask one shop how much his aftershave was , his reply was that I didn’t really want to buy so he wouldn’t give me a price, as I walked off he shouted 1TL (to take the PI$$) , You couldn’t walk past a single shop without being questioned “how are you” “what team is that shirt” “ Come here, come inside” “You look like a nice family, do you want *Insert product or service here” “Hey big guy, I remember you from last year” the list goes on and on and on, The hassle did lessen the more of a tan we got.

Nothing was CHEAP, a lot of stuff was a decent price but that in the main was because it was fake, if it was genuine it was cheap but the prices of fakes were not as cheap as say eBay, drinks etc (as long as you dont say its your first time) are around the same price as over here, I looked at 12 MP digial camera and was shocked at a price of £130, our 10MP Samsung only costing £69 from good auld Argos.


So after some stressful “Retail Therapy” it was time for us to take in the entertainment that we had paid for in our hotel, but as with EVERYTHING in Turkey , all was not what it seemed, We settled down for “Michael Jackson SHOWWWW” and was greeted with 15 of one man dressed like Jacko dancing, while he was good its not really what almost £3k for, but it gets better, the Hotel entertainment team then came on stage and said we must tip him as its what you must do in Turkey (Not my words) and then held up his hat and said that they were putting 20TL into it and expected everyone else to do the same too………This was the same every night when the inhouse entertainment team we not the ones doing it, there was some “Street Dance” that looked like the guy was having a stroke and yet it was still 20TL


The Dolmus Busses were great, one every few mins and about the only thing you could call cheap at 1.5TL each, while waiting for one we were pestered by the local taxi drivers and on one at an evening we were charged 1.50TL too much, ok not a big deal but added to everything else it just felt like you were being scammed all the time.

Dolmus In Marmaris

The time for this review is almost over, but on our last day Turkey had a few more kicks left for us.

Our transfer coach was about 20 mins late, no big deal but others had been on it for an hour already, we then picked up at 6 more hotels and were on there for abut 50 mins, we thought we were done and headed up the hill out of Marmaris , then without warning we turned around and went back down the hill, and back into the resort, there was uproar on the coach from the people who had been on there 2 hours already, we picked 2 people up who had been waiting for over and hour, on the street in the afternoon heat, they were not happy, it was then worse for them that they couldn’t sit together….but we were off FINALLY …..The rep didn’t really make comment on why were were lost or so late, but the passengers did, we were told that even though we were already 2 hours LATE we had to do the rest stop but it would only be 10 mins not 15, the rep said she phoned her office and they said we HAD to stop, Doesn’t sound like COSMOS to me !!!! half way to Dalaman we almost had a cash while over taking and were all thrown around as the driver swerved back in after overtaking and then we got to the rest stop…..I refused to get off and pay any more money to spend a bloody penny……This didn’t stop the coach driver walking around the coach with his hands cupped asking the passengers “Can I have your lose change” there wasn’t even a please from him FFS !!!!!!!!!!!

We got to Dalaman Airport and got inside ASAP as our flight was due to leave in 60 mins, I checked in our bags and was asked how many passengers I had, I said 5, she asked again F I V E I said , she then asked me to point out the FIVE passengers, so I did, she then told me I had an allowance of 80KG and we had baggage of 89KG (That would have been £81) I then explained we have FIVE passengers (you know, in case I hadn’t told her) and that we all had 20KG of an allowance giving us 100KG….Her reply ???? “Ohhhh 5 passengers ? Sorry”  ….Nice try love….. Through passport control my wife was told she hadn’t paid her £10 on arrival for a visa, she then showed the stamp and was allowed though..

I assumed in the airport I wouldn’t get hassle in the shops, WRONG again, I looked at aftershave (I know its the second time , I like to smell AND look beautiful) the assistant jump up and shouted “you buy, you wanna buy, come here” at this point I gave up and walked out, enough was enough.

We headed upstairs for some food for the kids and a drink for myself, we saw MaccyDee’s and though it was ideal with about 30 mins left to departure …This was Turkeys final kick of the tourist before we left

I got a Macdonald’s drink £3.50

The Milkshake was £4.20

Fries were £3.25 each

Hamburger £3.50 each

Meals were £14

Check the picture for proof !!!!!

McDonalds Dalaman Airport

So after spending about £30 to keep the kids happy we were off and it was another really really enjoyable flight on the same A300 back to Manchester. We even had some fun on the plane, as I was watching “Top Gear” on the in flight entertainment we were all reminded not to smoke in the toilets as someone had been caught, this female passenger was warned Monarch would push for the max fine of £2500 ( come on you could have set the plane on fire and killed almost 400 people, i’d say lock her up and throw away the key) and hand her over to the police when we landed and that is just what they did !!!!!

Back Home !!!!

So that was that, we enjoyed our holiday, we all needed the break, that was in spite of the above though, that said  the country of Turkey is beautiful, the weather AMAZING, but overall its not a place I would EVER go back to and if you have a blonde daughter i’d advise you to stay WELL CLEAR !!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it (It was like therapy for me) Come back at lunch time on Thursday to read my round up of last weeks commute, trust me, its worth it, there are 3 life changing events in it.

In the future I will also do a review of the hotel too, lets hope its as good as this one 🙂





28 responses

21 06 2010
luxury hotels thailand

Great post, very informative This is so helpful
I want to thank you on the share, very useful for us.

25 06 2010
Toby Field

That’s a good write up. I enjoyed reading it. I think I’ll stick with a week with the in-laws in rainy Plymouth though thanks!

25 06 2010

Thanks Mate, Always wanted it to be enjoyable but it also had to be informative too, thats why it took me 2 weeks 😀

Plymouth is miles better than Turkey, EVEN with the rain !

28 06 2010

I went to Turkey & had a good time. But probably because we spent it on a boat away from the cr*p you seem to have put up with.

28 06 2010

Yeah I suspect you are right, I know lots of people love the place but I can only call it as I see it.

29 07 2010

i went to turkey with my family a few years ago and we experienced hardly any of these issues. my five year old daughter and my seven year old son (both blonde hair) would not be left alone in the markets men would guide them into the back of the shop and show them their products so my husband and i had to keep hold and watch of our children during our times in the market. it wasn’t as bad for my son as it was for my daughter but turkish market men are flirts, so watch out. we are returning to turkey next year and staying in antalya and staying in the grand viking hotel thankfully over the years my now 15 year old son and my 13 year old daughters hair has gotten darker and turn light brown (well my daughter dyed it slightly darker) so this time i hope men won’t be a bother in the markets and lets hope our new destination will be better than last time(:
i also can’t remember how long is the flight? and is there televisions on the plane cause i don’t think there was last time?

29 07 2010

We all enjoy diffrent things, glad you enjoyed you’re holiday, we didnt though.

Flight time is 4 hours from the UK, as for TV’s it depends who you are flying with.

12 07 2014

Oh cool i live in antlaya , and right ppl here r like that but a fact %99 of turkish women are unibrowed and has moustache thats why they go wild when they see blondes 😀

20 11 2010
Natalie - Turkish Travel Blog

Not everyone likes the destination that they have been to and from what I remember of Mamaris, I just don’t think that resort was for you. The rest break that your transfer company has is also compulsory because they are on commission. If you went to resorts on the Aegean coast then this has been stamped out.

I don’t think your choice of hotel helped and it would of been better if you had booked a smaller boutique hotel instead.

It would be sad if you based your experience of Turkey on your first holiday in Marmaris. There are many other places and tours in Turkey that are not set up like this resort and they do, portray the true image of a beautiful country.

20 11 2010

While, I agree, you should never judge a place by one visit alone, the vile-ness towards my blonde daughter, has unfortunately put us all off for life, it was also funny, how once I was back hoe, and started to tell the stories, many many other people with blonde daughters had the same stories…….Im sure Turkey wont miss our money, we are not rich, but I know other countries were much more hospitable…..One to never return to ….. for us at least.

30 07 2013

Thanks for your review,

Im off to Turkey on Friday, now I can’t wait!!!!!! lol

3 08 2013


10 08 2013
Turkish Guy

I am from Turkey. Yes, you are right, meals and things are so expensive. But only you. If they said to you “First Visit” Or something like that, you must say “No.” They wanna steal your money. And if you visit normal McDonalds, it’s price is normal. Airports are so expensive. If you have any question, please contact me. E-Mail:

10 08 2013

I have no questions as I’ll not be coming back

10 01 2014

This is crazy – not only crazy, but incredibly racist. I’m Turkish, and also an expat; meaning I’ve been living outside of Turkey my entire life. I’ve been educated in Amsterdam and Singapore, and even though I know the Turkish language, English is my mother tongue and language-wise I could barely be distinguished from a foreigner. And here’s the big thing: I’M BLONDE. Naturally very very light blonde. So is my sister, who is 9 (I’m 18), and my mother. So are thousands and thousands of people in Turkey – it’s a racially diverse country with a population that looks entirely divided, mainly due to the split of land during the Ottoman Empire.

Aside from the fact that you’re unjustly stereotyping the Turkish people, I have to point out that I’ve never once received the treatment mentioned above. Trust me, I’m as white as they come – paler than most foundation colours, with light green eyes and a horrendously strong American accent. But this never ever happened to me. You must have ended up in a village or something of the likes – in the main cities, that would never happen. The photos you posted look nothing like the Turkey I know – and I visit once a year. It’s also unfair to assume a whole country is like what you’ve (apparently) experienced, and put it on the internet for your wrong prejudice to spread.

Moreover, it’s worth to consider that Turkish people are INCREDIBLY friendly and giving. A Turkish family hosting a dinner will stuff their guests to near death. Any child under the age of 16, no matter what race or gender, will be offered sweets and played with at stores.

I’d like to see you visit Egypt, or India. THOSE were places where men would approach my father and ask for my hand in marriage in exchange for foods/cattle, or stalk me back to my hotel.

10 01 2014

I present only FACT of my own personal visit

Not to a village as you say but to marmarius.

I’m glad you enjoyed it, however I’ll never return and my story isn’t a one off, try a Google.

17 04 2014

It could be your experience but according to me turkish are v v v friendly peoples dnt think I am turkish but asian base and I am saying this on my own experience as we visited turkey last year and on next month going again people’s are v v friendly they even can’t speak good English but if you ask them any thing or any place. Or way they ll try to tell you each n every thing wth full attempt.wth full devotion n in a really good n nice way so pl dnt blame whole turkish just coz of ur bad experience by bad luck.i am not blaming u I know u hv given ur experience but pl not under estimates whole one

19 04 2014

It’s always good to have 2 sides to ANY story.

Our trip to Turkey was such , that i’ll never return there, however, I know many that will and many , just like me, that wont.

That’s what makes the world go around, the fact that we’re all different.

23 04 2014
Martin Jenkins (@martjenk)

To dismiss a whole country and nation because of one bad experience is completely wrong and I think your advice is completely misplaced.
I have been to around fifty countries and the Turkish people are easily the most genuine and hospitable people I have ever come across. Over the last six years I’ve travelled there on business many times and had several holidays there and can thoroughly recommend it. I have two daughters (one is blonde) and they have always been treated with total respect.
Let’s unpick your trip. You booked a very cheap package holiday and went to a resort that caters for mass tourism. Also, you haven’t travelled much before. There’s nothing wrong with that and that’s where many holiday makers (including me) started their travel. For the people who have businesses and work in this type of resort it’s their livelihood and they are going to maximise it. It’s the same situation in many of resorts in the Mediterranean and not just Turkey. So, I’m afraid you were taken advantage of like many others.
How can you complain about paying one pound to use a trolley? Would you rather struggle with your cases and pushchair or part with one pound to make it easier? Of course it’s good value. But even if you didn’t want, or need to spend that pound how could you be so naïve as to follow a ridiculous instruction like this: “Monarch Manchester Passengers MUST use trolleys”.
Your transfers were uncomfortable because you booked a cheap holiday. What else can you expect?
The Turks don’t think that all those tacky signs are funny but they do know they amuse some British tourists and that’s what they are for.
You went onto a private beach and so you were asked to leave in an unfriendly manner. If someone stretched out in your front garden and started sunbathing, how would you deal with them? Maybe you wouldn’t be so polite.
You were bothered by sales touts. Again, this is not a Turkish problem but a budget resort problem. Learn to cope with them or take your holidays elsewhere.
If someone was over familiar with one your kids and you were uncomfortable with that then why did you let that happen? You just need to be politely assertive.
I know that many of the cheaper coastal resorts in the Med and Canaries are simply dreadful and why anyone would choose to stay in them I cannot imagine. If you do find yourself in one again then my advice is to hire a bike. Ride inland for about five miles and you will find yourself in another world away from all the tourist tat. You will see the country and people for what they are really like and then you can make your mind up about returning – and advising others.

11 09 2014

My husband and I just got back from 2 weeks in Turkey and I couldn’t agree with you more! We couldn’t walk down the street without someone aggressively trying to sell us a carpet, leather, jewelry, etc. To make matters worse, they (vendors) would lie to us – they would say the Blue Mosque is closed for renovations so come to my store instead! Dining out was equally as frustrating – you couldn’t look at a menu without them coming up to you and trying to make you sit down even though you just wanted to look at the menu. At least the Turkish people don’t discriminate. I saw them be so rude to their own people. I saw a woman pushing s double stroller down the street getting beeped and yelled at for being in the road when a car was trying to pass. Istanbul is an old city and the streets a very narrow – deal with it. Don’t beep at a woman with children just trying to negotiate the streets. I saw an elderly man with a cane ask a car to move so he could get by and he was told to F off by the kind driver. I got elbowed by a man walking down the street and got a huge bruise to show for it. We will never go back and I will share my story with anyone that will listen and try to talk anyone out of visiting Turkey!

14 09 2014

~yeah it’s really sad as im sure it has a lot to offer, sadly, times are sesperate and thats turned the people desperate, if only they’d chill out a little , they’d raise more revinue , I was sick of being shouted ~”Hey I remember seeing you last year” on my first and only trip there,

30 09 2014
H. Davis

You are such a liar, and the one calls himself Turkish Guy – Both of you paid Armenians going around all over the Internet posting false information about Turkey! You will not be successful about your negative propaganda, millions of White People visit Turkey and almost all of them very happy about their experiences!

You are really sick talking about your “blonde daughters’ like there are no blondes in Turkey, natural and fake blondes who are Turkish citizens! Turks love children, 99.99999999% of the time they would die to protect your children. I was in Montreal with my little babies and we had a hard time to walk one block without stopping, lots of French Canadians love children, so they would stop me to talk my children; Some would give anything they have in their bags. I have never thought bad about it. You stupid dirty-minded pigs, you have no right to accuse Turks for such ugly things you are custom to in your own country!

I own a an apartment in Turkey and go there every summer for the past 15 years, often with young ladies in my family and we had no single problem!

3 10 2014

Good for you ,the world is full of different opinions, calling me a dirty pig simply reinforces that

3 02 2015

Oh man!

I am from Turkey, and have a few words about your experience. 🙂

When I read that you had issues with your doughter, I said to myself “oh no”!.. Did something really bad happened? Then i was quiet relieved to read that it’s nothing but some unwanted attention. Man, altough you arrive at the most touristic scene of the country, this is still middle east, and some extra attention from the locals is “inclusive”! Many people prefer to visit Turkey, just for that connection.

The bad experiences from the tour operator, the bus, and the hotel: MAN! Turkey is surviving on tourism industry, and there so much competition here! This cosmos or whatever it is, looks like a scam, since arranging a fine hotel, or the transfers is so easy and cheap here. Look at the bus they took you with, it’s a ’80s Setra, with a Greek number plate! That thing is so ancient that even at the far remote villages, they won’t use it anymore, yet on a few hours trip!

And for the mcdonalds at the airport: yup! Airports of Turkey are expensive for eating, I was very suprised that the Hearthrow had dining facilities with reasonable prices – but that’s how the customs is here…

Man, Marmaris is a small town which inhibits almost 200ooo people in the summer, mostly Brits, and offers nothing but the stuff that’s available at every tourist resort across the globe… Astronomical prices, alcohol, touts, banging disco, and locals who are just trying to promote anything they find to the tourists as entertainment…

Quoute from Lonely Planet. Marmaris is heaven or hell, depending which way your boat floats…… Marmaris is a classic case of what you get; att the time, all-inclusive, Euro-Disco-3000.

I don’t believe you are founded by Armenian Diaspora (hahha!) but, I think your problems are more with the type of vacation you’re stuck to…


28 06 2015

Dear Sir, We dont want people like you in Turkey. You have McDonalds in your own country so go and eat there! You can tell you dont travel much. It seems you travelled to one place and the drama you felt will fill your whole life which you seem happy about:) Life is about perception! How you are in life tells a lot about all your experiences in life.
Seems like you are better off staying home.
Every country has its good and bad sides and to have the nerve to write this is just remarkably ignorant. And while my country may also have ignorant people, They are not as mean hearted and condescending as yours! Stay home!

7 07 2015

You say its better I stay at home, thus proving to point about the people of Turkey.

18 07 2015

Dear Mr. Cyclist:

Shame you had a bad family holiday in Turkey. I’d like to suggest you plan another visit, and I’d be happy to offer my experiences and insights in assisting you with your itinerary. It seems that your vacation started badly, jading your mindset for the duration and that was that . . .

Turkey truly is a beautiful country. Offers a richness of cultural and historical beauty. And the people in general are regarded as some of the warmest and most hospitable in the world. Turks from their youth to their elders are also regarded as the most affectionate when it comes to children, particularly those of tourists. To interpret or suggest that affection as something else would be misleading at best and spitefulness at worst.

I am an American expat living in Istanbul for the last 10 years with my family of 2 daughters and son, and I have traveled extensively not just throughout Turkey but also throughout the world. Turks without a doubt rank as my favorite. They are friendly and kind, open to connection and easily empathize if you are having troubles. Of course, there may always be the rare exceptions, isn’t there always?

Your choice of destination of Marmaris is a town frequented by Brits, the largest ethnic tourist group. Russians are a distant 2nd. An interesting fact is that more than 37% of Brits traveling to Marmaris are not 1st timers. That is a significant statistic and statement, signifying a very high tourist satisfaction index considering that most international tourists prefer traveling to different locations rather the same one.

Dear Cyclist, give it another go, but perhaps if you are leaving England, you should try a town(s) that is not 90% filled with your compatriots. Be adventuresome. Rather than eating at McDonalds, try the local cuisine. Maybe you’re not aware that the Turkish cuisine is regarded as the 3rd largest kitchen in the world after the Chinese and French.

It’s unfortunate that you had a bad experience in Turkey, but I’ve also on occasion been disappointed in a novel written by my favorite author. This shouldn’t mean that I should dismiss or insult my author as a terrible writer. If anything, I am eager to read his next one, because I know it will be much better . . .

20 07 2015

the issue wasn’t the English compatriots however.

Not that I have a great amount of time for Brits abroad but meh

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