In Pictures BHOD (The Big Hill Of Death)

24 06 2010

I got around 90% of the BHOD in pictures this evening, Its around a mile long and 12% in places, Devils Hill is no longer a challenge to me, its just a hump in the road, BHOD however puts me through the ringer every night, I dont need to go home this way…..I WANT TO !!!!!!!!




OK so its not the whole of BHOD, I’ll try and get a video, but you get an idea !!!




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24 06 2010

Clearly you are a masochist! but well done all the same and just think of those pounds and ounces falling away.

I passed a small personal milestone today it was my first ever ride to work and back 28 mile round trip don’t feel too bad but my poor old arthritic knees are a bit sore!

24 06 2010

Quite, I actually sprited the second half of it today, but I suspect I was only able to do that as I stopped to take the pics, thus getting a rest.

28 Miles commute is awesome, well done, especially with dodgy knees, makes my 30 miles with normal knees look poor, maybe I should go for 40 miles ? 🙂

25 06 2010

Oh well if you going to get all competitive!!!!

But the real point to keep in mind here is you WANTED to cycle up it! Well done.

I have had to take break from the saddle today knees really letting me know they do not approve BUT I will be doing my Saturday route as normal
{now where the hell did I leave that harness for the dog}

25 06 2010

A rest is a good as a change, and as we all all changing, resting is needed too mate.

Good luck on Saturday and do keep us informed.

26 06 2010

HI Gaz,
I must be improving! woke up at 5.45am laughed and went back to bed till 06.30! Git up and into my cycling kit lycra padded cycle shorts shorts and cross trainers not really cycling shoes but they seem to work best for me at the mo!

Then applied grade A “Fat Bloke Camouflage” nice baggy T shirt and nice baggy shorts carefully selected in an attempt to stop Ladies running off screaming and the smart alecs shouting out oi yer fat W***er as I rumble past! Seems to be working almost no one laughed but I did notice a Labrador giving me a sideways glance!

Took my normal Saturday route with a bit more gusto some how, maybe the first 28 mile commute achieved something more than just sha**ing me out and doing my knees in!
I was going well so on the last 1.5 mile run in to home, I turned and headed for another hill! And added an extra 2 miles to my normal run.

So I ended up doing 14 miles instead of about 12 I felt so pleased with myself I then took Minky (Our Parson Russell terrier that cannot be worn out) for a nice walk straight after.

I am planning a Sunday am foray as well now as its England V Germany, and I will be drinking beer and I need to work it off in advance (If that makes sense!)

I am already planning on how to ban my German brother in law from my house forever if we lose!!!!!!

CMON England Wayne Rooney MUST come on song soon and if its tomorrow whhooo hooo!!!!!!

Sorry to hog YOUR blog Gaz but it is an inspiration to me and I intend to follow YOUR lead

26 06 2010

Geoff Mate

Well Done, I have just smashed 2 fingers into my Ribble trying to service it, nothing is broken but it hurts to type so for give my short reply, I will do a proper one when my fingers no longer feel like I have hot them with a hammer !

PS COME ON ENGLAND (Look at my new post, its The Great Escape, just in time for the game tomorrow)

28 06 2010

Hi Gaz,
Ooooooooh nasty but at least nothing broken, but I don’t suppose that is of much comfort when they are throbbing.
Get well soon

28 06 2010

Cheers Mate

Was a struggle to brake and change gear today BUT I managed 25 miles 😀

Hurts like hell typing LOL

25 06 2010
Clive Chapman

Hills never look hilly in photos and videos, but we who pedal them know they bloody well are!

25 06 2010

Dont say that, you should have said “Shit mate, thats a hill, and thats just a picture, must be even worse in real life” LOL

28 06 2010

Shit mate, that’s a hill (must admit I’m better at rolling down it than riding up lol)

On an off day, have you tried the smaller hill of death past Ducky town hall?

28 06 2010

Sure is, REALLY enjoyed it tonight though !!! God im sick LOL

Yeah I used to do that one, till I got the mojo to do BHOD, Now Im hooked on it (Even if im not great at it)

1 07 2010
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