A Video Of The 39 Stone Cyclist’s Great Escape From Obesity

25 06 2010

England Vs Germany is not far away now, Here is the England Supporters Band with “The Great Escape” and a few piccys of me , to get you in the mood for the big game, turn your soud up and enjoy !




2 responses

28 06 2010

Hi Gaz
Nice one mate, such a shame that our nations squad let us down so appallingly. I very nearly threw my radio out the windows this morning when those plonks Ronnie Ronnie” Irani and Alan Brazil started off with the that was not the “Real England” nonsense.

YES it was and they lost, and I cannot just at this minute forgive them for being so Fing USELESS.

Mate, I am a West Ham fan I have it hard enough as it is at club level!

28 06 2010


England lose, its a fact of life, just like day turns to night, life turns to death but why cant Fabo on £6m a year see that we need to play 433 and drop the chaff when the rest of England can just baffles me !

I can take losing to a good Germany side , I cant take showing no pride, passion and balls though, they were a bloody disgrace !

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest Ammmmmmmmmm?
I’m Sorry to hear that mate 😉 🙂

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