Before And After.Gaz Wearing England Shirts,A MUST SEE !

25 06 2010

You all know I like doing Before and After pics, it keeps my mind focused, so after the England vs Slovenia I decided to take a quick picture and to compair it to one of my first, here we go

The first picture was taken at around 37 stone:

37 Stone San Diego Chargers Fan !

and this one at around 285lbs.

Same Door, Same Pose, New Gaz

I also found this in my old pictures and thought it needs to be in this post:

San Diego Chargers Home Jersey 2008

Amazing Shrinking 39 Stone Cyclist Gaz Wears England Shirt Umbro

Let the 3 Lions ROAR !!!!

Keep the faith and NEVER EVER GIVE UP !


C’Mon ENGLAND !!!!!!




2 responses

28 06 2010

Well done for losing it all Gaz – great achievement & the smile sez it all :>D

28 06 2010

Thanks Ian Mate, Appreciate That !

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