Britain’s fattest woman & The Worlds fattest Man (Both English) Both Die In July 2010 !

27 07 2010

So July isn’t a great month when it comes to me, Following my RTC I attempted a Comeback 3.0 ride and failed 😦 , While I did do a few miles, my nerves was shot and my body was in far far too much pain, looks like the Manchester Skyride on Sunday is out, gutted, I really really wanted to do that too !  😦

I know however I am on one hell of a long road and I am barley at the half way point , so in order to keep you my readers assured (and of course entertained)  that while I am unable to cycle due to my RTC, I will NOT be taking my eye off the ball when it comes to Fighting Obesity, 1 pound at a time. This is Round one in the “I’m Picking A Fight – Campaign” and I hope to fight one round per month.

David Hone, from Croydon, London, Died on July 8th, weighing in at 61 stone, this earned him the title of the world’s fattest man ! First off the scary part is I was just 20 stone away from his weight, while I say “JUST” 20 stone I’m sure some people would say “there is no such thing as JUST 20 stone, but when you pile 40 stone on, an extra 20 stone really isn’t much !

Unsurprisingly they are no pictures of Mr Hone, however some of you may remember Manuel Uribe, and he weighed in at 90 stone. However he is now down to around 50 stone.

Next we look at the world’s fattest woman, who, also died in July 2010.

Sharon Mevsimler, was 5 foot tall and weighed in at 45 stone, Again scary I was just a few stone away from this myself, but the difference is that I am 6 foot 4″ so while I looked super morbidly obese my height managed to hide just how dire my situation was, this was both a good and bad thing of course.

So, Sharon’s family have released pictures of here and I have posted one below:

Sharon Mevsimler

Ok, so why am I brining this up now? I am just a few stone away from my “Goal” weight as set by the NHS, I enjoy cycling (well until a Van driver hit me last week) I have control of my life and I am moving forward at a real pace now.

Well as part of my campaign to start a fight, it’s about time we attempt to change people’s outlook on obesity, first off allow me to quote what some readers of uk newspapers have to say about these 2 HUMANS!

“Good riddance, the less glutinous selfish people like her in the world the better.” This was posed by “JayJay” well Mr Jay, I’d love to know what you would say to an anorexic?

“No sympathy.

The money would be better spent on people with illnesses through no fault of their own.”  That was posted by Helen in Berkshire.

For me that is the nail on the head, people the world over believe that Obesity is a physical disease and that people are at fault for becoming obese, while that might be the case for the people that pile on a few pounds or stones, it’s certainly not the case for those, like me, who weighed so much that it was in real danger of KILLING them!!!!

What we need to understand is that hitting obesity with the hammer that is gastric surgery WONT WORK! It didn’t work for David or Sharon, we need to understand and admit that to get to such a state there are (normally) serious physiologic issues in someone’s life, why else would a human being just give up on themselves to such an extent that they would slowly and painfully be killing themselves ? Because they believe, in their head, not stomach, that the issues they are can’t be solved, how can I say this with such certainty?


Was it my fault that I was almost 40 stone, a drain on the NHS, my employer and everything and everyone around me? some people would say yes, you chose to eat, no one else, and while that is true, there are people the world over with addictions, caused by physiological issues that are offered help, support  groups etc.

All some Obese people need, is to realise there is deep problems, for them to look at themselves and then look at what route  is best to deal with it for them.

For me riding 20 miles, as hard as I can in the morning before work does it for me, it ensures that physically I can’t supress my emotions as my body doesn’t have the fight in it anymore, they come to the surface and then as I am cycling along I deal with them , best I can, one by one,

Sure this doesn’t work for everyone, but it is PROOF that there IS another route than surgery, there are NO EASY ROADS out of the trap that is obesity, but there are many different ones, and I hope this post, goes someway to helping someone out there realise that surgery won’t cure the reason you got obese in the first place, only you can do that !

Now let’s allow David and Sharon to RIP and hopefully the odious comments on newspaper websites will stop and that people will realise that the same could happen to them, all it takes is 1 negative, life changing event and anyone can get caught by obesity………

There is so much more I could write/say on the subject but I will, for now, stop here, lets call this, Picking a Fight Round 1, lets just hope by round 12, we have a KO blow !


I always wanted to be a loser, NOW I AM 😀 !


Pain Is Temporary – Gaz’s Comeback 3.0

24 07 2010

Following my RTC , I am in for a long hard fight, all I need is the 2 following things to ensure I get through this, lets call it Comeback 3.0 shall we ?



Its not gonna be easy, but then, when did I EVER take the easy route ?

I Was Hit By A Van, Ended Up In A&E, Pictures Of Bike And Rider Enclosed.

20 07 2010

I  was ready to congratulate myself, I had done a 18% hill on my MTB and was on for a 20 mile commute, on a MTB, with off-road tyres, The elevation of the Col De Tameside can be seen below (Video uploading at the moment to youtube too)

I climbed past Werneth Low golf club before turning round and heading to work.

I got to Rusholme, Manchester and was around 2/3 miles to work, I was heading though a green light, there was a white van on the other side of the road, he was turning right, across my lane and into a side street on my left, See the picture below for an idea.

Me The Cyclist RED Car (Only I was going straight) Van was the Blue Car, There was No Green Car

I was over the junction when he pulled out, I screamed and I do mean SCREAMED, unclipped, hit the brakes but it was all in vain, he hit me with the front corner of his van, I was still screaming while he hit me, I somersaulted around 5 times, I hit the ground the back of my head first, then my back, I was in agony, I screamed “you stupid ***** **** **** *** ****** ******* ****” then it all went dark.

The next thing  I’m surrounded by paramedics, on oxygen, in a neck brace and strapped to a spinal board, the pain isn’t something I could ever put into words, As I am loaded into the ambulance I head the driver say “He must have hit the back of my van after I cleared the junction, I didn’t hear him hit, just screaming, so I stopped” at this point I had to be held down to the board, although I was strapped down and I was fighting to get up, there was no way I was going to allow him to get away with it, lucky there were a couple of witness that corroborated my account of the collision.

I had been knocked from Wilmslow road to half way down a bloody side street for god sake !

NEVER One To Miss a Photo opportunity !

The police came to see me in hospital and confirmed that the driver has been charged with “Driving Without Due Care & Attention” That was a weight off my mind for sure, It was down to the witnesses, the police said the driver said “I was lost” I was calm by the point and told the officer that I screamed at the driver and at no point did he look at the road he was crossing (Wimslow Road, so not a minor road) accidents happen, but he could have killed me, if I hadn’t unclipped and got my leg ready to push me back then due to the angle of the bonnet that hit me I WOULD have ended up under his wheels.

Going for the Casual look !

Im ok, mentally I am struggling with what happened and physically im beat up BUT nothing is broken and it could have been so much worse than it was, it’s a good job that one of the 2 road users were paying attention to what was going on, shame it wasnt the driver of the 4tonne killing machine !

To make it worse, I was on my 2 day old Cube and it looks like a right off:

Cube Ltd Comp After Accident

Lessons Learnt from Today:

Spinal Boards HURT !

Van’s Hurt

Neck Braces stop you breathing

I NEED to wear my helmet from now on

Being in a ambulance with the lights and sirens on is way too cool 😀

This will be harder to get over mentally than physically

Finally I just wanted to thank the passers-by, the witnesses , the paramedics, the doctors and the police,all of whom were bloody amazing and without you all only god knows where I would be now !

As for the van driver ? Well mate if you read this I don’t think my kids are too happy with you !!!!!!!!

**************EDIT: Got up this morning (21st July) and passed out in the kitchen :0(*******************

First MTB Commute, Marple, Ashton, Manchester Canal !

20 07 2010

WOW, That was fun, I arrived at work COVERED head to foot in MUD !

Here is my leg !

You Mucky Bugger !

It wasnt half as hard as I thought it would be, walking on wet cobbles with cleats sticking out of your MTB shoes is, however, lethal !

Did a nice 10.5 miles, 90% on the Canal in the morning and in the evening I took the MTB up BHOD, again nice and fun !

However both bike and rider were FILTHY by the time I had finished !

I finished the day on 20 miles, taking on tough off-road sections and BHOD, all with knobbly MTB tyres, oh happy days.

Cube LTD Comp

Cube Cockpit

and Finally, a video of the morning commute, ENJOY !

The Highs & Lows Of Being A Cycling Commuter.

19 07 2010

Glad last week was over by Friday night, but until then it had actually been pretty enjoyable, allow me to explain.

Monday, I managed over 28 miles, thus completing my “Marathon A Day” target for Monday, Average was 15mph and this took in BHOD, was a great start to the week, while the weather wasnt too bad either !

Tuesday, I was feeling rough, I had a really sore back, couldn’t sleep, dicky tummy so finished the day on 24 miles and was happy to fall asleep in a roasting hot bath.

Wednesday, Kept it to 21 miles due to how bad I was still feeling (See Tuesday)

Thursday, had to go to a different office and this meant I cycled into Manchester City Center, was fun to play with the people on bikes who think they are cyclists, weather was shocking, windy and raining, I was only in the office for an hours at most before the rest of the day was mine


After picking up some Armwarmers I headed home, through the wind and rain yet again ! by the time I took the above picture the wind and rain had stopped and the road looked like it had never ever rained, grrrrr.

Got confirmation in the afternoon that my Winter Hack was ready and I could pick it up.

Cube Ltd Comp 2010

Still feeling rough I headed out, down the TPT, this was nostalgic as it was the first place I cycled, when I got a MTB 2 years ago, and here I was on a MTB doing it again, only this time I wasnt struggling at getting to 8mph, I was flying at 19Mph, I rounded the last corner, dropped onto the canal and snapped this

Cube Ltd Comp 2010

Marathon 2 for the week was done with 27 miles in total, full of mud and my brand new bike was filthy, I had the biggest smile on my face ever !

Friday, Well what can I say ? there were gusting winds in the morning, a normal person would have done the minimum number of miles needed to get from A-B, so I decided to to at least 15 miles in the morning :D.

I knew I was in trouble on the first climb out of Hyde into Woodley, its a nothing hill really but I was being pushed back and really struggling, even grunting at times, as I was descending into Bredbury it felt like someone was sat on the bike with me and for fun they were grabbing my bars and turning my front wheel, SCARY !

I made it to Stockport and knew the Climb into Cheadle was gonna be hard, the last  2 times I had ridden it I did so in the big ring, I’m no climber but it seems better for me (not sure my knees will agree) and I  flew up there at 20mph,

Friday however I was in the middle ring, head down, being pushed back by a head wind and then buffered by a cross wind, I was having to say to myself “There have been 13.500 viewers to your blog this year, do you want to quit on all those people, there are so many people who look to you, believe in you and think you have so much strength “? and “Get your fat arse up this hill, DONT QUIT NOW !”  after doing this for about 10 mins , It worked, I made it into work with a 15,5 Mph average and with the rain and the headwind I was proud of what I had done.

So my average is normally circa 17Mph and I had to put 120% MORE effort than normal in but I had done it, I didn’t quit out, I was beating obesity one peddle stroke at a time and I had just taken a huge chunk out of my own self doubt.

Tired and happy I set off home, I wasnt quick but was averaging 15 mph, Then half a mile from home THIS happened , Making a fully contrasting week of emotions and for the first time in a long time I was glad for a few days off the bike, over 120 miles cycled this week, in dodgy weather too.

This weeks commutes are gonna be totally different to what they normally are, so keep tuned.


Red Nissan (Almera) R454 CTU Almost Killed Me (Pics of Car and Driver)

16 07 2010

Picture the scene, its Market Street, Hyde (Pictured Below)

Traffic is backed up (the above wasnt taken tonight), its Friday rush hour after all, there is nothing coming the other way, I overtake stationary traffic on the right when all of a sudden R454 CTU pull’s out to turn right into a side street, fast, not checking his mirrors, I swerve, his tyres squeal , no not from slowing down but it’s because of how fast he set off, I unclip, swerve AGAIN  , brace for impact, move my leg out of the way.  I am now in the wrong side of the road and I get missed by millimeters.

I am pumping with adrenalin so I turn round and shout “You stupid F*****g D****head”, this was 100% out of character for me as I let 95% of incidents side as I am pretty much zen like, but this was BAD !

The driver then flicks me the V sign 2-3 times, this makes zen like Gaz mad, I wait at the next jct, he doesn’t show, I guess he went to Asda, so I circle the Asda car park, he was nowhere to be seen, so I head out to check another car park and he is there, I snap a picture, he then gestures to me to “bring it on” and then hides his tax disk.

So anyone know how we can check if he has tax ?

Below  is car and driver in all his bald glory (no offence to anyone else out there)

Nissan R454 CTU Bald Driver !

R454 CTU

So “Mr I am a car driver and mean more than a stupid cyclist”, if you see me again, please don’t try to kill me, its rude and makes me sware, something I have done all of about 3 times in 8000 miles, and don’t offer to fight me again, I am not one to cause physical injury to others, unlike yourself.

MMMM New Shiney Things :D

15 07 2010

I have been suffering with cold arms, so I thought it time I got some Arm-Warmers amd as I like to LiveSTONG these fit the bill.


Now I also picked up something else this afternoon.



How does someone who rides a road bike get so full of mud ? Simple….He buys a MTB…..As you know I had an accident last winter and as such I wanted a MTB for when the weather changes, so Today I went to Surosa Cycles in Oldham to pick up my Cube Ltd Comp

Cube Ltd Comp 2010

I took it for a 5 mile off road ride and WOW !!!!!!!! Its AMAZING, I will always be a roadie ALWAYS but bleeding heck this thing was fun fun FUN !!!! I will look forward to many more fun days, bring on the snow 😀


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