Frantic Week, Time De Tour !

1 07 2010

Phew !

Its been a crazy week for me, First, The stats

101.84 Miles (in 4 days)

Elevation 3.183ft

Cals 7.128 c

Average speed 14.9 Mph

Now here is where I believe it gets interesting, if you take out the BHOD then my average speed is actually 15.8Mph, take out the evenings and its 16.6 Mph, What does this mean ?

It means I am quicker than I used to be LOL, Joking aside I have found another gear (in me, not the bike) and REALLY kicked it this week, I am looking forward to seeing Lance in The Tour De France and felt if he can give it just one more shot then I owe it to myself to give it that extra little effort !

Cheadle roscoe's roundabout

Above is my new commute, no I didnt move house, or job, I just moved routes, so 15-17 miles in the morning and 10-15 miles in the evening, all depending how im feeling.AND there is much more elevation in all the routes now.I still dont like hill’s, but I am better than I was !

My Total miles for the week would have been even better if I didnt have to change to my old wheel today as the new one wasnt quite right. Thus causing me to take the “Short” or normal way home tonght as the cassett is worn.Another bonus though was I got to ride Devils Hill and now after BHOD its safe to say Devils Hill will be renamed Devils Speed Hump, I also set a new PB for the homeward leg too, in the rain and wind !

Lance Armstrong : Livestrong

So thats me done till next week, time to get ready for Lance and The Shack to Attack !!!!!





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2 07 2010

It would be great if Lance could ride off into the sunset having achieved something at his last Tour. I fear an eighth win is beyond him, but perhaps a mountain win or the stage 19 ITT? Or, alternatively, he could pass the baton and drive Leipheimer to the yellow jersey. We can but hope.

You may find my Tour de France previews of interest – this one focuses on the key contenders for the yellow, green and polka dot jerseys, but I am intending to post (hopefully) daily updates as the Tour progresses. I would love to read any comments you have:

Vive Le Tour!

2 07 2010

Agreed a full win looks beyond him at his age, although he is much much better than last year, has a team built around him so lets just keep everything crossed.

A few stage wins in the .mountains and as you say getting Leipheimer into yellow would be just as good an achievement tho.

Will check your link out cheers

Vive Le Tour!

2 07 2010
Clive Chapman

Top effort Gaz, hope pinkie is better! 😉

2 07 2010

Cheers Dude, its getting there, I can bend it now, BONUS ! LOL

What wheels do you have on your roadie mate ? Mine are made of soft cheese

2 07 2010

Everything’s crossed!

By the way, I am really impressed with your weight loss achievements. I am also looking to lose a big chunk of weight – nothing as impressive as you, but I’m still hoping to lose at least 2 st – having recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Keep up the blog – people like you can be real inspirations to others!

2 07 2010

Sure Is !

Thanks very much, the best of uck with your own weight loss and please keep us updated on how it goes.

Thanks Again


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