A NEW PB !!!

2 07 2010

Wow you people are SOOOO lucky 😉

I didnt intend to cycle today, or do very much TBH but I had serviced my Surosa’s gears and brakes and wanted a quick test, so as opposed to going round a few streets like more normal people would , I went for a hill climb.

It was the A57 Mottram Road In Hyde

A57 Mottram Road - Hyde

Lets go back a few steps, I used to be scared of this hill, then one day a friend “Christy” took me up there, it took us 25 mins, it is just 2 miles long, but its 7% all the way (My Garmin seems to have freaked out so dont have the correct figures but 1125ft as it saying is wrong !)

The last time I rode it I did it in 9 Mins 10 Seconds and that was my PB ….BUT that was last year so today I did what I do best and put the pain down !

All the way up I was in the middle ring (never ever done that up there) and I seemed to be doing double figures Mph wise but when I got to the top and saw 8 mins 22 seconds on my Edge I was “chuffed” I look forward to the day when I am able to sub 8 mins it 🙂

I then continued on my merry way to a nice 7 mile ride , finished in 27 mins , not bad on a non cycling day.

Mottram Moor

PS the 1st picure is stolen from google as I didnt want to stop (chasing a PB ya’ know and is taken at the flat part just before the elevation) and the 2nd was taken after the climb so non of them give you an idea of what the hill in question is like.




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