RIP Devils Hill ….Hello & Welcome BHOD

2 07 2010

I knew there would finally be a time where Devils Hill was no longer matter to me, this time came yesterday, when despite only having 50% of my gears working I powered up Devils Hill and past another cyclist , I was doing 13-15mph and it wasnt an issue at all, I can still recall when I first did it, I used to have to stop half way up it every time, I hated it, now I am going looking for BIGGER Hills.

So I will do all I can to avoid Devils Hill from now on and where I used to avoid it because it was too much hard work, I am now avoiding it for much harder work !

Whats Devils Hill you say ?


Video thumbnail. Click to play

So, the video was taken on a poor camera, mounted to a poor bike, with (at the time) a poor cyclist but you get some sort of idea, oh yeah this video shows the EASY way too, so actually its pretty pointless LOL.
Devils Hill will be renamed Le Devils Speed Hump, and the B***h of a hill I will now use ever night (unless I am doing 15 miles, is BHOD:

BHOD 2.Big Hill Of Death

I will do everything I can to make myself proud ! and I will never stop fighting.
Obesity is a bitch but  we can beat it !!!!!
P.S. Stick with us, we have an updated already wrote for Saturday and one for Sunday and I think they are pretty good TBH.



2 responses

2 07 2010

Hi Gaz
Powerful mate Powerful!
Don’t forget Le Tour Prologue this Saturday you for one MUST surely watch this years race!

2 07 2010

Cheers Man

Im gonna be there watching every stage, Cheering my boy Lance home to victory !!!!!!

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