154 Miles In A Week WHOOT !

9 07 2010

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Monday :

Was off work due to Blackpool, however I didn’t feel any ill effects so was going to do some miles, however as reported here, my bike was ill, it needed a couple of spokes and 2 new gear cables, it seems the stem was oo long and they freyd inside the cable outer.


Managed 23 Miles but didn’t do BHOD I’m not totally sure why, though I suspect it was because there was an issue with the bike.

Random Picture ALERT !

Whos Table Is Missing A Cover ?


Bike was sorted and I was back on form, had a nasty head wind both ways, so my average was down to 14.5mph, really enjoyed the challenge though, when I got to work my Blue shirt had turned BLACK as it was so wet and no, it wasnt raining !


26 Miles, was soooo tired but I left home late so had no choice but to give 110%, felt much better for it too, woke me up, another trip home via BHOD.


Early to work meant a bloody early start, it was still a little dark, I considered lights but didn’t !:) decided not to push myself too hard, was pretty tired from the week ! but still did more than double what I needed to do. Cycled home via Le Devils Speed Hump in the evening , I powered up it in 1 mins 5 seconds, another PB , thats 3 this week !!!!

Here is me trying to look cool in Blackpool (But failing)

Cool ? Or Camp ?

So just to confirm, the PB’s this week are:

Most Miles in a 5 day week 139.48 Miles (We call it 5 days because of Sunday) ………Now 154.23 Miles

Best Time in Manchester to Blackpool 5 Hrs 11 Mins…Now 3Hrs 46Mins

Best Devils Hill 1 Mins 19 Sec…Now 1 Mins 05 Secs

PLEASE Sponsor me, It’s a GREAT cause !





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