Random Thoughts By Gaz. On Kicking Cancer’s & Obesity’s Ass !

12 07 2010

“Why do you always do charity rides for Cancer charity’s, why not the British Heart Foundation etc ” ? I was asked at work the other day, I promised the man who asked that I would answer him but that I’d do it here……..

Like many of us I have lost people to cancer who were very close to my heart and that, as many of you will know, hurts like hell !

Added to that we all know that cancer is linked to obesity, as someone who was super super morbidly obese cancer was like the grim reaper to me, stood behind me at all times, tapping me on the shoulder , scaring the living crap outta me !

I liken my fight with obesity (and related diseases like cancer etc) to my very own bike race, I saw Obesity (and Cancer) on my shoulder and I kicked, like getting into a breakaway, with one eye behind me, looking over my shoulder I kicked and kicked and kicked, getting further and further away from them, today I am 19 stone and both Obesity and cancer are just a blob in the distance, but for me, this race and breakaway will never end, for if I relax and stop kicking they will swallow me up, just like a peloton they will chase me down and not let me get away from them. I can never stop this fight, I must always kick and while I am doing it I want to KICK CANCER’S ASS !!!!!!!!!

And that is the reason  why I told my colleague he would get a reply here as opposed to face to face, I feel that its something that needed sharing with as many people who I can !

Together we can kick em all into touch !

and on a more light hearted note here is a before and afer, the before was taken about 7-8 months ago !

and the After was taken about 4 days ago !

I know, NO Smile ! I get it ! 🙂





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