Red Nissan (Almera) R454 CTU Almost Killed Me (Pics of Car and Driver)

16 07 2010

Picture the scene, its Market Street, Hyde (Pictured Below)

Traffic is backed up (the above wasnt taken tonight), its Friday rush hour after all, there is nothing coming the other way, I overtake stationary traffic on the right when all of a sudden R454 CTU pull’s out to turn right into a side street, fast, not checking his mirrors, I swerve, his tyres squeal , no not from slowing down but it’s because of how fast he set off, I unclip, swerve AGAIN  , brace for impact, move my leg out of the way.  I am now in the wrong side of the road and I get missed by millimeters.

I am pumping with adrenalin so I turn round and shout “You stupid F*****g D****head”, this was 100% out of character for me as I let 95% of incidents side as I am pretty much zen like, but this was BAD !

The driver then flicks me the V sign 2-3 times, this makes zen like Gaz mad, I wait at the next jct, he doesn’t show, I guess he went to Asda, so I circle the Asda car park, he was nowhere to be seen, so I head out to check another car park and he is there, I snap a picture, he then gestures to me to “bring it on” and then hides his tax disk.

So anyone know how we can check if he has tax ?

Below  is car and driver in all his bald glory (no offence to anyone else out there)

Nissan R454 CTU Bald Driver !

R454 CTU

So “Mr I am a car driver and mean more than a stupid cyclist”, if you see me again, please don’t try to kill me, its rude and makes me sware, something I have done all of about 3 times in 8000 miles, and don’t offer to fight me again, I am not one to cause physical injury to others, unlike yourself.




8 responses

16 07 2010

Hi there.

Why not check:

and the DVLA site here:

There is a valid tax licence for this car – perhaps he didn’t realise that he had numberplates on the car too?

16 07 2010

Thanks for that mate, its not something I would normaly do but I was so close to meeting my maker tonight

17 07 2010
Clive Chapman

You’re still here mate, I’d take that and crack on eh?

18 07 2010

Yup, Agreed, its finished now mate, but I needed to vent on Friday, It was that bad !

19 07 2010
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19 07 2010

Amazing how brave some people can be in a tin box Gaz – glad you haven’t ended up in a wooden one after your close shave!

Take care out there ;>)

19 07 2010

Crazy isnt it ? That said I dont seem to have that many issues, but this proves that when I do they are pretty major !

Shame really as I was ready to say sorry for my outburst to the driver, until he started acting like a baffoon !!!!

21 07 2010
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