The Highs & Lows Of Being A Cycling Commuter.

19 07 2010

Glad last week was over by Friday night, but until then it had actually been pretty enjoyable, allow me to explain.

Monday, I managed over 28 miles, thus completing my “Marathon A Day” target for Monday, Average was 15mph and this took in BHOD, was a great start to the week, while the weather wasnt too bad either !

Tuesday, I was feeling rough, I had a really sore back, couldn’t sleep, dicky tummy so finished the day on 24 miles and was happy to fall asleep in a roasting hot bath.

Wednesday, Kept it to 21 miles due to how bad I was still feeling (See Tuesday)

Thursday, had to go to a different office and this meant I cycled into Manchester City Center, was fun to play with the people on bikes who think they are cyclists, weather was shocking, windy and raining, I was only in the office for an hours at most before the rest of the day was mine


After picking up some Armwarmers I headed home, through the wind and rain yet again ! by the time I took the above picture the wind and rain had stopped and the road looked like it had never ever rained, grrrrr.

Got confirmation in the afternoon that my Winter Hack was ready and I could pick it up.

Cube Ltd Comp 2010

Still feeling rough I headed out, down the TPT, this was nostalgic as it was the first place I cycled, when I got a MTB 2 years ago, and here I was on a MTB doing it again, only this time I wasnt struggling at getting to 8mph, I was flying at 19Mph, I rounded the last corner, dropped onto the canal and snapped this

Cube Ltd Comp 2010

Marathon 2 for the week was done with 27 miles in total, full of mud and my brand new bike was filthy, I had the biggest smile on my face ever !

Friday, Well what can I say ? there were gusting winds in the morning, a normal person would have done the minimum number of miles needed to get from A-B, so I decided to to at least 15 miles in the morning :D.

I knew I was in trouble on the first climb out of Hyde into Woodley, its a nothing hill really but I was being pushed back and really struggling, even grunting at times, as I was descending into Bredbury it felt like someone was sat on the bike with me and for fun they were grabbing my bars and turning my front wheel, SCARY !

I made it to Stockport and knew the Climb into Cheadle was gonna be hard, the last  2 times I had ridden it I did so in the big ring, I’m no climber but it seems better for me (not sure my knees will agree) and I  flew up there at 20mph,

Friday however I was in the middle ring, head down, being pushed back by a head wind and then buffered by a cross wind, I was having to say to myself “There have been 13.500 viewers to your blog this year, do you want to quit on all those people, there are so many people who look to you, believe in you and think you have so much strength “? and “Get your fat arse up this hill, DONT QUIT NOW !”  after doing this for about 10 mins , It worked, I made it into work with a 15,5 Mph average and with the rain and the headwind I was proud of what I had done.

So my average is normally circa 17Mph and I had to put 120% MORE effort than normal in but I had done it, I didn’t quit out, I was beating obesity one peddle stroke at a time and I had just taken a huge chunk out of my own self doubt.

Tired and happy I set off home, I wasnt quick but was averaging 15 mph, Then half a mile from home THIS happened , Making a fully contrasting week of emotions and for the first time in a long time I was glad for a few days off the bike, over 120 miles cycled this week, in dodgy weather too.

This weeks commutes are gonna be totally different to what they normally are, so keep tuned.





4 responses

19 07 2010

Hi Gaz
good stuff mate keep it up

19 07 2010

Cheers Geoff Mate

20 07 2010
Clive Chapman

Loving the speed difference!

20 07 2010

Me too, well until I got hit by a van today (Details to follow)

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