First MTB Commute, Marple, Ashton, Manchester Canal !

20 07 2010

WOW, That was fun, I arrived at work COVERED head to foot in MUD !

Here is my leg !

You Mucky Bugger !

It wasnt half as hard as I thought it would be, walking on wet cobbles with cleats sticking out of your MTB shoes is, however, lethal !

Did a nice 10.5 miles, 90% on the Canal in the morning and in the evening I took the MTB up BHOD, again nice and fun !

However both bike and rider were FILTHY by the time I had finished !

I finished the day on 20 miles, taking on tough off-road sections and BHOD, all with knobbly MTB tyres, oh happy days.

Cube LTD Comp

Cube Cockpit

and Finally, a video of the morning commute, ENJOY !




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