Gaz Rides A Comeback 3.0 Ride ! Pictures & Video Included.

2 08 2010

Time For Gaz To Comeback:

The time was upon me, Yesterday at around 17.30 Hours I hooked up my Gopro helmet camera and went for a gentle ride.

When I say Gentle, What I mean is almost 1000 ft of climbing, With a 22% hill.

New Camera Time:

The Gopro camera is EXCELLENT at capturing the “feel” of speed, however it’s also quite bulky and makes you look like a bit of a fool, the flip side was that the motorists seemed to give me a HUGE amount of respect thought out the whole 7 mile ride.

Gopro Hero Wide 5 Helmet Camera

Comeback 3.0 – Why ?

So, many people have asked, why am I calling this “Comeback 3.0” the reason, I think pretty simple, My original “Comeback” was to get on a bike 2 years ago, Comeback 2.0 was following my accident on Ice in January and Comeback 3.0 will be the title of the rides I make until I am no longer suffering any issues because of Mr White Van Man and the RTC.

Nice View:

According to my Garmin I was climbing for the first 2.3 Miles, while not all of it was on the hard 22% gradient it was a hard slog, however when you get views like these, it was more than worth it !!!

Werneth Low, Hyde, Ironic As It's Not Blood Low At All 🙂

Werneth Low, Hyde, Ironic As Its Not Blood Low At All 🙂

How Did It Go, Gaz ?

Painfully !!!! It was a long, slow hard slog up there and in the video below you can see how much I struggled by the top but this was just one small step on the road to getting on with my Comeback, I was full of anger and rage at what Mr White Van Man had done to me and that got me though the pain for a lot of the ride, it is going to be a while before I can do as fast for as long as I could before the accident and also before I get my bottle back, I backed out of so many corners that I used to attack it was quite depressing, but BUT this is step one, it can only get better.

The Video:

Sit back and ENJOY, its 15 Mins long, there are 3 “uplifting” songs in there, i’ll shut up now in order for you to watch it.

Till next time, Ride hard and Livestrong !!!!





2 responses

3 08 2010
Clive Chapman

Well done feller! 🙂

3 08 2010

Cheers Mate 🙂

REALLY Put the hurt down today, this weeks review will be excellent reading, I can say that and yet its only Tuesday 😀

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