July A Month In Review & Time For The August Ascent Challenge !

3 08 2010

July In Review:

Well to be honest, its been a mixed month for me, The highlight being SMASHING my previous time for the Manchester to Blackpool and doing it in 3 Hours 46 Mins,

Starting a Fight with Obesity

and Cycling over 425 Miles, despite having time off.

That leads into the low point of July, enforced time off due to being hit by a van !!! and being taken into Hospital !

Once again I want to thank the passers by and all the emergency services that were there that day.

NEVER One To Miss a Photo opportunity !

Making matters worse, I was on my Cube, for only the second time I had ever rode it !!! and now it seems set to be written off !

All that can be resolved though, Was a little gutted at the number of miles I have done, mainly because if it wasnt for forced time off due to the RTC then I would have cycled for over 500 miles !!!!! In one month !!!!! Ahh well.

Ohhh one more bad thing was Helmet Hair (& Helmet’s) !

Helmet Hair Gaz

The August Ascent Challenge:

I decided the ONLY way I am going to be able to get back to full fitness is to push myself beyond all previous limits, I hate hill, im 6 foot 4″ (so not aerodynamic) and weigh in a 19 stone (not an ideal weight for a climber) oh and my lowest gear is now 39/23, so the worse thing I could do would be to force myself to do stupid climbs in August !!!

So the challenge is to do as many stupid climbs in August as I can :D, In July I passed 18000 foot of climbing and I did what I could to avoid many hills, the challenge for August is to pass 22,000 foot of climbing !!!!!! keeping in mind all of the above that goes against me and add to that the fact my knee is smashed, my confidence is shot and the rest of my body is sore, it’s not going to be easy, but then, I never did like “easy”

July’s Stats In Full:

Ok here they are people:

Distance: 426.98 Miles

Average Speed: 14.9 Mph (Good Considering BHOD)

Max Average HR: 162 BPM

Average Miles Per Day: 22.30 Miles

Total Elevation Gain: 18,878 Ft

Max Speed: 39.6 Mph

Cals: 32,374 Cals (Using the  Garmin formula it would ave been 68, 321 Cals, Sort it out Garmin)

Livestrong Ya’All





3 responses

4 08 2010
Clive Chapman

Loving the helmet hair! 🙂

I shave mine off at the first sign of HH! LOL!

4 08 2010

Tell me about it, but as soon as I got the HH I rushed out for a haircut, as this picture shows !

11 08 2010
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