A Comeback 3.0 Week In Review

9 08 2010

Ouch is the first word that comes to my mind.

The second is WOW, I cycled 110 miles, and climbed a total of 5,498ft in the last 5 days AND had 2 days off from Hills so, I know my August Ascent can be done 😀

Towards the end of the week I rode BHOD (Video to come tomorrow) and got attacted by a gian killer wasp….on film…here it is 😀

Ok, so it wasnt quite killer but still 😀

I also picked up a new helmet, a Team HTC Columbia one and WOW, if I had got one of those 2 years ago I would have always wore one !!!

Uvex HTC Columbia

and FINALLY, it was the start of the new season yesterday, its been 7 years since I last wore a Manchester United Shirt, there is a new one out this year, so I thought i’d give it a try……and wel…IT FIT

Manchester United 2010

Ok sooooo I am well on my way back to fittness following the accident, the Cube has offically been laid to rest, now its just a waiting game 😦





2 responses

10 08 2010
Clive Chapman

I hope insurance is coughing up for a new MTB?

11 08 2010

You and me both mate, Its at the situation where everything has been passed to them and now we sit……..and wait…….

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