A Never Been Seen Before “Before” Picture !

13 08 2010

Yesterday on a work PC I found the following Picture, I  didnt even know of it !

Gaz & Tommo

SCARY Doesnt even come close !!!!!

& a Recent Picture




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13 08 2010

It’s almost like your looking at your future self (the guy standing camply by all those choccies!) 🙂

13 08 2010

That is “Tommo” the man that started all this for me, he told me I could do it, helped me on my first ride and told me how to “ramp it up” in the early days,he is a great friend and mentor to me, however regardless of all that, I could NEVER say I wanted to be like him, mainy because it would give him a HUGE head !!!!

But joking aside I could never have dreamed of getting to that sort of shape , now im not that far away at all (5 stone) and WHEN I get there, there will be the biggest celebration you have ever seen !!!!

That picture was taken 2 years ago and you’re right, I looked at him thinking “Shit, if only I could be like that”


14 08 2010
Clive Chapman

I think the phrase rhymes with “clucking bell”.

I think of the piccies of seen of your past self over this last year, that’s the one where you look your biggest.

Fair play to you mate. You’ve achieved.

Nuff said before I go all American on you! 😉

14 08 2010

Cheers Mi Auld Muccka

I gotta agree, it does seem like the biggest piccy of me BUT I had already lost a few stone by that point, a big regret I have is not allowing my picture to be taken more in the past, I didnt because I knew how bad I looked but if I had then I (and everyone else who reads this) could have seen just how HUGE I really was !!!

Yeah thats enough of this soppy stuff 😀

8 09 2010

Bloody hell – I did not realise how big you were. You carry weight well and it is not until you see the side view. What a transformation! When you do LEJOG your welcome to stay with us in Kilmarnock. I would ride beside you some of the way – but I could not stay at your pace!

9 09 2010

Oh Hell Yeah I Was HUGE !!!!!

I never allowed piccys to be taken, hence why there are so few around, I had already lost a couple of stone when this was taken !

IF I ever do LEJOG i’ll look you up, thanks for the very kind offer 😀


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