Night Vision Gaz, With A Broken Wheel & Gale Force Winds….

25 09 2010

Another Eventful Week Commuting.

Last Week I had the following picture taken for a local newspaper story, its my “After” picture, I let myself down the the choice of shirt, I can’t help feel that I dropped the ball here, lesson learnt for next time, if there is one that is.

Details of the story to follow, at a later date.

Wrong Shirt Gaz


My legs felt DEAD in the morning, the first half of my 15 mile commute were REALLY slow, however the second half, I average 17mph, the evening commute was much of the same. I finished on 24 miles, Nice and happy and my legs felt “Less Dead”


Headed into Manchester City Centre after I had finished, to prep for a meeting the next day, after about a mile BOOM, A couple of spokes went in my font wheel, Argh, Phoned the nice people at Evans Cycles, Deansgate, They agreed to fix it there and then, so I headed on my way, as promised, it was done and dusted “While U Wait” GREAT Service as ALWAYS from the Deansgate branch, The Trafford one could learn a LOT.

Sicky Bikey

On another note, I  ordered a Altura Night Vision Evo coat in preparation for the winter, First off I picked it up on Tuesday morning from the Post Office, Its a 3XL and I thought it fit REALLY well, However when I was in Evans, waiting for my wheel, I decided to try on a 2XL…..Ermmm….It fit even better….Bugger….Oh well, Lesson learnt, TRY STUFF ON !!!!!!……..

So I tied the bottom strings tight and , got on with it…..

Wednesday was pretty normal, legs had come pretty much back up to speed, but it seemed I was lacking in form.

Thursday was pretty much the same.

I woke up early on Friday though and decided I wanted to do some crazy miles, as I was doing some stretches , on the sofa, at 6am, I heard and almighty crash, then again and again, after some investigations I found out it was caused by GALE FORCE WINDS Outside,

I called off the big ride on saftey gounds and relaxed for a while, when I did head into work, I took the shortest route I could, and what a great thing that was, the wind was scary, I was pushed sideways at every single side road on the way, It wasnt safe to cycle and boy it wasnt easy, but I did it and I was pretty proud I had, it was the worst wind I have ever cycled in, the evening commute was the same and I was VERY glad the week was over………

Friday evening my winter pants had arrived, Altura Night Vision ones, just like my coat, they are warm, waterproof and you can’t really be missed in them either.

C’om Winter, Make My Day !!!!!


Had a rare chance to get out on a ride, took an old, heavy MTB for a thrashing, was great fun, did 10 miles in 45 mins, including 4.5 miles on a wet, slippy canal towpath, Joel Lane (26% Hill) and then on the way down Joel Lane I caught 2 guys in Saxo Bank kit, on road bikes and sat on their back wheels for almost 2 miles at 25 Mph, I was done in by the time I got home, covered in mud, but with a huge grin on my face.

Ride Safe…LiveSTRONG.



I have so much to say, I can’t think of a title !

19 09 2010

Yet another quality week on the bike, where I pushed further than I thought even I could, not distance wise, but effort.

I am still in some serious pain following the accident in July, I have good weeks and bad weeks, this started off a bad week to be honest,

The first couple of days I did the minimum number of miles just to “Get it done” by midweek I was starting to feel “Less Bad” and stretched my legs a little.

Thursday I did a hill I had never done before, No idea what it’s called but for locals it’s the one that goes from Denton to Bredbury Tip 🙂

During Wednesday I had a conversation with someone who said “Cycling is only half as efficient as other sports for weight loss” RED RAG to a bull time 🙂

IMHO It’s only half as efficient if you put Half the effort IN .

I set about proving him wrong and after my commute on Thursday I think I had the proof he was wrong and I was right, this was me and my shirt after 15 miles 🙂

Give It HELL


On Thursday morning the roads were dry and the sun was out (But it was cold) sooooo Jim ? Am I right ? 🙂

On Friday I had a nice ride in and then finished at lunch time, most people would have gone home and relaxed , not me, I agreed to meet a reporter for a story in a local paper in the center of Manchester and off I went, by the time I got home I had done 30 miles for the day, I was shattered, but with a mile to go I got possessed and I just started to give it hell, by the time I got home I was almost screaming I was putting that much effort into it, I sat on the wall outside the house for a good 2 mins before even attempting to reach for my keys…..and with that …the week was done …….

Then on Friday night I thought “I wonder what my body fat %age is these days”

I know it was 40%+

and Today ?


I checked about 5 websites that all asked for several different measurements and all of them came back between 18% and 20.5%

All I could and can say about that is “BLOODY HELL”

Now all I need to do is get rid of all this damn skin I have !!!!

Ride Safe & LiveSTRONG


Tim Daily, Given Life Saving Operation Then Bites The Hand That Feeds Him.

15 09 2010

Today I was incensed by reading the following.

A father-of-two who lost half his body weight following a gastric bypass operation is now suing the NHS for hundreds of thousands of pounds after he was left eating a biscuit a day.

Tim Daily, from Milton Keynes, requested the £12,000 surgery after his weight spiralled to 24 stone and he suffered mini-strokes, diabetes and heart problems.

Tim Daily from Buckinghamshire before he had a a gastric bypass operation
So he has gone from 24 Stone to 11 stone, however because he can’t enjoy food like he used to he now wants to sue, the bypass means you can’t do what you used to do Tim, and why would you want to ? It’s what got you to 24 stone in the first place.
A quote or 2:

‘I would rather be 24 stone again than live life like this. Life is a living hell. I’m not the happy-chappy guy I used to be. I feel down all the time.
No Tim, you are the same person you have always been, only now the weight doesn’t hide the “true you”, you have lost the weight and saved your life, food is the mortal enemy, dont crave it, all you are saying is that physically you have gone somewhere that mentally you were not ready to do.

‘I’m ill and desperate. I crave food everyday. On a good day I can eat a biscuit washed down with plenty of morphine. Otherwise I don’t eat.

If you are craving food all the time then I do think the NHS are part to blame, they should have NEVER given you the bypass in the first place, as I touched on, mentally Tim, you were/are not ready for this operation/life change.

‘I miss eating so much. I was always a very social person going out for meals was a huge part of my life. I can’t even pop out for a meal – it’s ruined my life.”

Social eating is, one of the worst things morbidly obese people can do, sure with the right mentally you can do it, and not have any problems, however, Tim just isn’t ready for this, so if he body would allow him, then he would pile the weight back on …and then some more…..and thats the biggest risk to any former morbidly obese person, medically and mentally it can kill us….

Tim, I do really feel for you, but if you see help at what caused you to become obese in the first place then maybe, just maybe your problems will lessen, sure I full understand you have physical issues but becoming obese isn’t about putting food into your mouth, it’s about the mental problems with have that force us to turn somewhere for comfort, sometimes its to drink, sometimes its drugs, with people like Tim and I, it was food, I have not fully dealt with all my demons but I’m getting there, Tim, if you ever read this, take it as friendly advice from someone who was almost double your weight and not someone who is criticising you.
This was me Today.

A Look Back At Some Numbers, & An AMAZING Picture !

11 09 2010

Wow, I was sure as hell glad of the rest this weekend, its been a couple of totally full on weeks.

First off, in the last 2 weeks, with just one day off the bike, I have cycled 275 Miles. Making it worse is the fact that it seems for 50% of the rides I have been up against a nasty head wind.

The rest I have ridden with Tommo, neither of use give an Inch and both push hard on the road !


This is about my body shape etc, but rather than do a big write-up, these pictures will tell  you what I want to say !!!

26" Collar.....68" Waist !!!....Circa 35 stone

18" Collar...40" Waist !!!.....17 Stone

Sooo. I have not made it yet, but every week I Inch closer, I remember at the start of the year having a weight in mind that I wanted to get to before Xmas day…… I am ALREADY lower than that weight, I am amazing even myself with the way this journey is going…. I look at that second picture and think…Wow who is that skinny guy ???? It takes time for our minds to adjust to our body’s, I wont let myself  rest, I wont pat myself on the back, but when I look at pictures like that I cant help but think “S**t Boy” ! and MAYBE even “Well Done” SOOOO FAR, But Its not over and I must NEVER forget where I have come from on this journey !

Heart Rate:

So before I started to cycle my resting Heart Rate was around 130Bpm……..Ouch….The other morning I wanted to see just how far I have come and set about chilling before I left for work, The result…….

48 BPM !!!!!

Now, that’s an improvement , though im pretty sure I have had it lower, let me try again after a decent rest weekend.


9/11 A Daughter Tells Us Why We Must NEVER Forget !

11 09 2010

I don’t normally do non-weight loss or cycling posts, however I saw this video on YouTube, being a father and someone who only 2 years ago was almost dead myself, when I saw this I was SMASHED in the face at how much devastation I almost left behind due to obesity !

Most people who know me , know I love America and everything American, heck I even call myself American before I do British,Now turn your sound up, get the tissues and sit back, I challenge ANYONE to watch this video with sound on and NOT cry !!!!!



The NHS & It’s Attitude To Obesity !

9 09 2010

Well, last night I was sat in my GP’s surgery for 40 mins waiting to be seen, I got bored, so I started to read every single poster they had, I then saw this !

Now, on the face of it, it looks good, HOWEVER look in the top right hand side “Girls Only”, Not an issue I though, there MUST be a “Men Only” day somewhere too, but alas there was no poster, this got me thinking, Most weight loss is geared towards women, so that when someone of the size I used to be looks around all they see, in the main, is stiff for women, as such its harder for men to start to lose weight as there isn’t as much support !

The above also reminded me of when I logged onto “” there is a BMI calculator on there and I thought, “What BMI would our Government say I was at 39+ stone ?” so I set about putting my details in and got this.

Too Fat For The Government To Compute !!!!

They said that NO ONE could weigh so much and I must have it wrong !!!!!!!!!!

So the Government and Local PCT’s still seem to have the attitude so very wrong on obesity, I feel a soap box moment coming 🙂


Final Thoughts On Manchester 100 (And Other Charity Rides) Inc. Some Stats

8 09 2010

Gaz n Deano Tearing Up The Miles

Including the Manchester 100, I cycled 176 Miles last week, by far and away the most number of miles I have done in a single week, added to that, before a charity ride I normally have the Friday off work and off the bike, Didnt do that this year.

Time Off The Bike

After Blackpool last year I took 4 days off work, After Blackpool this year I took the Monday off and after the Manc 100 this year I was cycling again the next day into work with no time off, shows just how far I have come.

Times Times Times.

Last year my Manchester to Blackpool time was 5 Hrs 11 Mins, Think all in all it took over 6 Hrs 30 Mins with stops, This year I did it in 3 Hrs 46 Mins, with about 15 mins worth of stops. The trend continues, Last years Manc 100 time was 4 Hrs 45Mins with what seemed like LOADS of stops, This year 3 Hrs 46 Mins (about 12 seconds faster than Blackpool) with just one, 5 min stop and another 30 second “Pee Stop”


Where do we get the power from ? Well in 2009 I used 12 Energy Gels to get to Blackpool and once there I was done in TOTALLY, Last Sunday I used 3 Energy Gels over the same distance and felt fine to carry on and even ended with a pretty classy sprint (If I do say so myself)

All of this blows my mind, and if I looked back at the year before, the gulf in class would be even more HUGE, I am becoming an athlete, I enjoy the pain, suffering and the euphoria of crossing that finish line !!!!!

Heres to an even better 12 months, lets hope by the time I do this post again, those times will have tumbled even further !

Manchester 100 Garmin Edge Stats


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