August Ascent – Result Here !!! – September Screamer Challenge Set

1 09 2010

I set a target of 22,000 ft of climbing for August.

I started off well, too well, I had done almost 10k ft in the first week, I was shattered from the effort, For the rest of the month of was catch up, I have suffered from long hours in the office and getting a cold , twice, so did I do it ?

Well upto Monday I was WAY off, Monday however pulled back what I needed and today, I did indeed do the August Ascent, but only just, my result was 22.038 foot, damn that was close, I feel amazing for doing it though.

Click the picture for a bigger version, please note the distance per day needs to be doubled as I reset my edge twice a day.

As always I love a challenge, for September, it will be 500 Miles !!!!!!!! Its the “September Screamer Challenge”

Wish me luck !





2 responses

2 09 2010
egg head

well done

2 09 2010

Cheers Dean-o Mate 😀

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