Manchester 100, 2010, Ride Report !

5 09 2010

What a way to finish a week, Cancer fighting time and It means I have cycled 176 Miles this week πŸ™‚

Today myself and the Man who put the O into Dean, Deano, Rode the Manchester 100Km ride, for Manchester’s Cancer Hospital “The Christy”

The day started of well, Dean was on time, as opposed to being a few hours late like the Manchester to Blackpool ride πŸ˜€ and we set off BANG on time.

Rider 2461

The first 30 miles of the ride we rode at a great pace, when we pulled in for a pee stop we were averaging 17.6Mph and all was good, I was pretty amazed TBH, there were a few climbs but nothing that made me feel dead, however the fact I had even made the start line was, I think, AMAZINGΒ  considering the injures I am still suffering from due to the RTC in July , Im not gonna go into the finer details but I will say I am dealing with a lot of pain every day when NOT cycling, so when I do, It just hurts more.

Gaz n Deano Tearing Up The Miles

unfortunately this picture was the last I would see of Deano for the rest of the ride.

The Dale and The Surosa - Together Again !

I struggled to get going again and at the next hill Deano was go, then it was just down to Me and My Surosa for the next 32 Miles to battle the head wind and get the job done.

After 50 miles I started finding it all a little easy again and took the following pictures while cycling πŸ˜€


Oooops, Maybe I shouldnt Have Taken This At Almost 17Mph πŸ˜€

From Wilmslow on I was flying, Miles 40-50 had killed me, I was going to miss out of equalling my 3Hrs 46Mins of the Manchester to Blackpool ride, with that, I got into the TT stance and went for it (Without TT Bars) I was FLYING and the miles were tumbling, I then came to the Hill into Style and amazed myself by dropping around 5 riders and KEEPING them dropped (Video To Follow At A Later Date) and then there was NOTHING going to stop me equalling my time now and again TT stance and away, I was doing around 27Mph all the way to the finish , Rounded the corner, dropped a guy on a Carbon Ribble in the sprint to the line (Video Below) and checked my stats ASAP.

YES ……………….I had done it, 3 Hrs and 46 Mins, The same time I got in the Blackpool ride and over 1 full hour QUICKER than 2009, over what felt like a harder course and I didnt even feel tired in the end, What a result.

Manchester 100 Garmin Edge Stats

6 Hours ????? Try 4 Hours !!!!!!

As promised here is the Helmet Camera and Sideline camera of my sprint finish,

If you want to sponsor me, please use the page I set up for the Blackpool ride as no one has yet 😦 Otherwise ENJOY the video.




4 responses

6 09 2010

I thought the M100 was pretty much flat? (They do keep tweaking the route each year).

1hr quicker than the previous year. blimey Gaz, thats some achievement.

6 09 2010

Flat is isnt mate , but I’m sure it would be nothing for someone like yourself πŸ˜€

Thanks man, Next year I want under 3 hours, Its come from almost 5 hrs 30 (Blackpool 2009) to 4Hrs 45Mins (Manc 100, 2009) to 3Hrs 46min, So the next logcal step is under 3 hours next year πŸ˜€

6 09 2010

Nothing for me? Lol!
Sadly its highly unlikely that I’m going to be doing any long rides any time soon.

I think it will be the 100mile route next year for you. πŸ˜‰

6 09 2010

Maybe not any time soon but lets be honest mate, you will get back on track, I have faith mate πŸ˜€

Yup, think you are right, so thats the 100km to Blackpool in under 3 hours then and the 100 mile route on the Manc 100 πŸ™‚

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