Final Thoughts On Manchester 100 (And Other Charity Rides) Inc. Some Stats

8 09 2010

Gaz n Deano Tearing Up The Miles

Including the Manchester 100, I cycled 176 Miles last week, by far and away the most number of miles I have done in a single week, added to that, before a charity ride I normally have the Friday off work and off the bike, Didnt do that this year.

Time Off The Bike

After Blackpool last year I took 4 days off work, After Blackpool this year I took the Monday off and after the Manc 100 this year I was cycling again the next day into work with no time off, shows just how far I have come.

Times Times Times.

Last year my Manchester to Blackpool time was 5 Hrs 11 Mins, Think all in all it took over 6 Hrs 30 Mins with stops, This year I did it in 3 Hrs 46 Mins, with about 15 mins worth of stops. The trend continues, Last years Manc 100 time was 4 Hrs 45Mins with what seemed like LOADS of stops, This year 3 Hrs 46 Mins (about 12 seconds faster than Blackpool) with just one, 5 min stop and another 30 second “Pee Stop”


Where do we get the power from ? Well in 2009 I used 12 Energy Gels to get to Blackpool and once there I was done in TOTALLY, Last Sunday I used 3 Energy Gels over the same distance and felt fine to carry on and even ended with a pretty classy sprint (If I do say so myself)

All of this blows my mind, and if I looked back at the year before, the gulf in class would be even more HUGE, I am becoming an athlete, I enjoy the pain, suffering and the euphoria of crossing that finish line !!!!!

Heres to an even better 12 months, lets hope by the time I do this post again, those times will have tumbled even further !

Manchester 100 Garmin Edge Stats





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8 09 2010

12 energy gels! They are meant to be a “last resort” or occasional top-up as they provide a relatively short hit of energy. When I did the Magnificat (127 miles) I think I had 4 or 5 Torq gels (2 of which where the heavenly “natural” caffeine & toffee ones!) and couple of energy bars and then just sugary cake and bananas from the feed stations.

The night before I’d gone all out with a mammoth meal and topped up the terrible hotel breakfast with a small serving of porridge with some neutral flavored energy powder in. I was also drinking mainly Torq (they sponsored it so we got it free!) based drinks during the day and topping up 1 or 2 750ml bottles at each food station which was approx 40-45 miles apart.

As you do more rides no doubt you’ll find what works best for you but it is a case of experimenting!

8 09 2010

Yup but once I hit 30 miles I was done for, I was about 26 stone at the time and well out of my comfort zone, the point of the post was more a case of looking back at just how much effort it took to cross the line in over 5 hrs vs how little it took for 3 hrs 46mins ;0)

Your right though, the more I do this, the more I learn and the better I get.

8 09 2010

I didn’t mean to detract from the huge steps you’ve made in performance, sorry if it came across that way. On my first charity ride I over-drank massively on the ride itself and was visiting the portaloos by the beach every 5 minutes and lets just say I was glad I had my water bottle in the car on the way home 😉 Not many service stations on the M23!

Since then I’ve done a few more longer distance rides with pep’s from BR and solo and have learned to listen to my body a lot better! Little and often is the key!!

8 09 2010

Not at all mate, I didnt take it like that, but was just explaining why such a huge number was needed, I was making that finish line no matter what, think I gained a poud or 2 after that LOL

Thats another issue I had last year, on the Blackpool I drank only about 1.5l of water …. for over 5 hours of cycling….I dont know how I made it looking back LOL

now I have it nailed at this level, 2 x 100k rides in the same time, the second over a more challenging course, now its time to step it up another level…again 🙂

Agreed 110% with “Little and often” but it took me a while to get that into my head.


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