A Look Back At Some Numbers, & An AMAZING Picture !

11 09 2010

Wow, I was sure as hell glad of the rest this weekend, its been a couple of totally full on weeks.

First off, in the last 2 weeks, with just one day off the bike, I have cycled 275 Miles. Making it worse is the fact that it seems for 50% of the rides I have been up against a nasty head wind.

The rest I have ridden with Tommo, neither of use give an Inch and both push hard on the road !


This is about my body shape etc, but rather than do a big write-up, these pictures will tell  you what I want to say !!!

26" Collar.....68" Waist !!!....Circa 35 stone

18" Collar...40" Waist !!!.....17 Stone

Sooo. I have not made it yet, but every week I Inch closer, I remember at the start of the year having a weight in mind that I wanted to get to before Xmas day…… I am ALREADY lower than that weight, I am amazing even myself with the way this journey is going…. I look at that second picture and think…Wow who is that skinny guy ???? It takes time for our minds to adjust to our body’s, I wont let myself  rest, I wont pat myself on the back, but when I look at pictures like that I cant help but think “S**t Boy” ! and MAYBE even “Well Done” SOOOO FAR, But Its not over and I must NEVER forget where I have come from on this journey !

Heart Rate:

So before I started to cycle my resting Heart Rate was around 130Bpm……..Ouch….The other morning I wanted to see just how far I have come and set about chilling before I left for work, The result…….

48 BPM !!!!!

Now, that’s an improvement , though im pretty sure I have had it lower, let me try again after a decent rest weekend.





9 responses

12 09 2010
Clive Chapman

Have you got aids or summat? 😉

12 09 2010

Ermm, I dont get it (Sorry)

12 09 2010
Clive Chapman

You’re looking very thin!

12 09 2010
Peter Martin

Holy moly mate that second picture is impressive – not even love handles on the hips… nice one!

12 09 2010

Cheers Pete mate, Tho I’m sure Black helps 🙂

15 09 2010
The Trickster

Just came across your success after seeing the post about you on Road.cc

Holy hell that is an impressive effort! I cannot fathom having a resting HR of 130, so its a damn good effort to have the HR down that low.

Have you considered approaching government agencies and making recommendations as buying a bike and encouraging someone to go for a ride has to be better than having people have gastric bypasses.

..And here I was impressed with my weight-loss/increase in speed.

15 09 2010

Hi Trickster

Thanks for your comment, as always they are appreciated.

It’s pretty scary looking at some of my old numbers TBH, Resting HR 130+ BPM, Waist 68″, Collar 26″, Shirts 8XL and on and on and on.Just so glad I found cycling and I enjoy it so much, its made this journey fun from the start TBH and now I am really reaping the rewards.

No, Thats not something I have done TBH, I think its way way too radical for them right now, so many attitude need to be changed about obesity and its a huge change, so one step at at time, look at this for instance.


Thanks Again


15 09 2010

Been following your story from the early days. I think you have undergone a real convergence of mind and body (unlike the article). It is an “Amazing” transformation. The work picture is unbelievable.
But mate, you still need to work on that smile!
Well done Gaz, regards Tony

16 09 2010


Thanks for the comment, hope you are still enjoying the blog,

You’re right, Tim has undergone a body change but not a mental one, and thats where the issue is.

Maybe I can get on of those Smile things you talk about on the NHS ? 🙂


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