Tim Daily, Given Life Saving Operation Then Bites The Hand That Feeds Him.

15 09 2010

Today I was incensed by reading the following.

A father-of-two who lost half his body weight following a gastric bypass operation is now suing the NHS for hundreds of thousands of pounds after he was left eating a biscuit a day.

Tim Daily, from Milton Keynes, requested the £12,000 surgery after his weight spiralled to 24 stone and he suffered mini-strokes, diabetes and heart problems.

Tim Daily from Buckinghamshire before he had a a gastric bypass operation
So he has gone from 24 Stone to 11 stone, however because he can’t enjoy food like he used to he now wants to sue, the bypass means you can’t do what you used to do Tim, and why would you want to ? It’s what got you to 24 stone in the first place.
A quote or 2:

‘I would rather be 24 stone again than live life like this. Life is a living hell. I’m not the happy-chappy guy I used to be. I feel down all the time.
No Tim, you are the same person you have always been, only now the weight doesn’t hide the “true you”, you have lost the weight and saved your life, food is the mortal enemy, dont crave it, all you are saying is that physically you have gone somewhere that mentally you were not ready to do.

‘I’m ill and desperate. I crave food everyday. On a good day I can eat a biscuit washed down with plenty of morphine. Otherwise I don’t eat.

If you are craving food all the time then I do think the NHS are part to blame, they should have NEVER given you the bypass in the first place, as I touched on, mentally Tim, you were/are not ready for this operation/life change.

‘I miss eating so much. I was always a very social person going out for meals was a huge part of my life. I can’t even pop out for a meal – it’s ruined my life.”

Social eating is, one of the worst things morbidly obese people can do, sure with the right mentally you can do it, and not have any problems, however, Tim just isn’t ready for this, so if he body would allow him, then he would pile the weight back on …and then some more…..and thats the biggest risk to any former morbidly obese person, medically and mentally it can kill us….

Tim, I do really feel for you, but if you see help at what caused you to become obese in the first place then maybe, just maybe your problems will lessen, sure I full understand you have physical issues but becoming obese isn’t about putting food into your mouth, it’s about the mental problems with have that force us to turn somewhere for comfort, sometimes its to drink, sometimes its drugs, with people like Tim and I, it was food, I have not fully dealt with all my demons but I’m getting there, Tim, if you ever read this, take it as friendly advice from someone who was almost double your weight and not someone who is criticising you.
This was me Today.



8 responses

15 09 2010
Toby Field

You make a lot of valid point there. He had options but his laziness took the easy way out. I don’t think this operation should be given.

15 09 2010

Some people NEED it, This guy need to deal with other issues before he needed this operation.

It was done the wrong way around, now look at what he’s dealing with

16 09 2010
Clive Chapman

Cracking post feller, it has come as something of revelation to me (something I’ve alluded to a couple of times on my blog) that the eating discipline is far worse than the pedalling discipline. And you’re dead right, Tim in the article, you, me are all mentally ill and food is our drug of choice. I know for dead certain that I could easily revert back to my old self. How I control it I ain’t too sure, but I seem to be able to at the moment. I’m not tempting fate there by the way!

16 09 2010

Cheers Man

Non of us mate, know when that day will come, when we turn back to food, for some, it wont, for others, it will and there will be no stopping it, I just hope im lucky and I manage to avoid that day for the rest of my life.


16 09 2010

Get your arse on TV or in the papers – too many negative ‘fat’ stories out there and no positive ones that don’t involve ‘slimming world’ or ‘gastric bypasses’.

Do it.

16 09 2010

You are right , there are negative ‘fat’ stories EVERYWHERE at the moment, maybe the TV and Papers are scared of a positive story ?

Maybe a TV Exec will see this and give me my own “Biggest Loser” style TV show, Damn I’d so love that 🙂

Ahhhh Dreams Eh


17 09 2010
Clive Chapman

When you’re running your own TV loser show, don’t forget me, I’m an ex military instructor and Rugby Coach! Plus an in remission fattie, I’m emminently qualified to be one of your coaches!

Just a thought like… 😉

17 09 2010

I’m sure you and I , both being former Obese people are ideal to hand out Beatings (Some may call them workout, but watch for a picture of how I look after I hand myself a beating in the next update) to people who are obese, Now all we need is a TV exec to agree to it 🙂

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