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19 09 2010

Yet another quality week on the bike, where I pushed further than I thought even I could, not distance wise, but effort.

I am still in some serious pain following the accident in July, I have good weeks and bad weeks, this started off a bad week to be honest,

The first couple of days I did the minimum number of miles just to “Get it done” by midweek I was starting to feel “Less Bad” and stretched my legs a little.

Thursday I did a hill I had never done before, No idea what it’s called but for locals it’s the one that goes from Denton to Bredbury Tip 🙂

During Wednesday I had a conversation with someone who said “Cycling is only half as efficient as other sports for weight loss” RED RAG to a bull time 🙂

IMHO It’s only half as efficient if you put Half the effort IN .

I set about proving him wrong and after my commute on Thursday I think I had the proof he was wrong and I was right, this was me and my shirt after 15 miles 🙂

Give It HELL


On Thursday morning the roads were dry and the sun was out (But it was cold) sooooo Jim ? Am I right ? 🙂

On Friday I had a nice ride in and then finished at lunch time, most people would have gone home and relaxed , not me, I agreed to meet a reporter for a story in a local paper in the center of Manchester and off I went, by the time I got home I had done 30 miles for the day, I was shattered, but with a mile to go I got possessed and I just started to give it hell, by the time I got home I was almost screaming I was putting that much effort into it, I sat on the wall outside the house for a good 2 mins before even attempting to reach for my keys…..and with that …the week was done …….

Then on Friday night I thought “I wonder what my body fat %age is these days”

I know it was 40%+

and Today ?


I checked about 5 websites that all asked for several different measurements and all of them came back between 18% and 20.5%

All I could and can say about that is “BLOODY HELL”

Now all I need to do is get rid of all this damn skin I have !!!!

Ride Safe & LiveSTRONG





12 responses

19 09 2010

Can I just say, “Bloody Hell”! Great efforts, well done, yet again. “Bloody Hell”!

19 09 2010

I’ll add your 2 “Bloody Hell’s” to mine , So far thats 4 we have racked up LOL

Thanks Though, Bloody HEll (5) is about all I can say too, Its bloody amazing , it really is !!!!!


20 09 2010
Clive Chapman

Err, just so I don’t feel left out…

Bloody Hell! Good skills!

What’s the plan for the skin Dude? Tell me to fuck off if it’s a tad personal. I’d understand totally.

20 09 2010


F*** O**….Only joking, I have to lose another 2 stone, then not gain for 12 months, once thats done, Im home free and skinless 🙂

All I need to do now, is find some compression tops to keep me held in 🙂

21 09 2010
Clive Chapman

Good news. At least there’s a plan.

As for compression tops I know a few Rugby equipment companies do them.

Try: Kooga, Canterbury, Samurai, Kukri, Gilbert.

But I’m sure you’re all over it anyway.

22 09 2010

Yup, There is at leasr something to work towards, and I work best, underpressure/back agaist the wall/to a plan etc etc

Thanks for the suggestions, It will help BUT yeah , Im al over it 🙂


21 09 2010
BenBlyth (Bensbigttrip)

Seriously impressive Gaz. I know you are but you should be so proud of what you have done. A lot of people couldn’t do what you have because they don’t have the will power. Inspirational.

I am looking forward to you reaching your goal… Then setting new ones!

22 09 2010

Thanks Ben mate, I really appreciate it !

Cant wait to get new goals, there will ALWAYS be goals , no matter how hard !

22 09 2010

Outstanding! It takes a special kind of arrogance for someone to lecture a man who has lost the weight you have about the manner he has chosen to lose it! Well done and I’m glad to see you’re still at it after your accident.

22 09 2010

Cheers….I see it more as a reeducation program 🙂

What I was trying to say was something along these lines( Taken for a comment I posted elsewhere)

My point was, I can run 5 miles at 50% Max Heart Rate and then cycle 5 Miles at 95% Max Heart Rate, What would burn more calories ???

Its only as efficient as the amount of effort you put in 🙂

The accident made me more sure I was never gonna quit at this, just that from now on its gonna hurt like hell 🙂

23 09 2010

I don’t think there is any argument that jogging burns more calories than cycling, given equal amounts of effort. The question is, can you jog for five hours? Most runners don’t run nearly this much, but many cyclists do this every weekend. Total calories burned, therefore, are far greater with cycling. Not to mention the lower leg injuries that will certainly occur for any heavy person who attempts to jog regularly over long distances. Cycling is a fantastic, low impact workout that is tough to beat! But you already know that, don’t you! 🙂

25 09 2010

So in conclusion, Cycing is Great, End of, Bonus 🙂

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