Night Vision Gaz, With A Broken Wheel & Gale Force Winds….

25 09 2010

Another Eventful Week Commuting.

Last Week I had the following picture taken for a local newspaper story, its my “After” picture, I let myself down the the choice of shirt, I can’t help feel that I dropped the ball here, lesson learnt for next time, if there is one that is.

Details of the story to follow, at a later date.

Wrong Shirt Gaz


My legs felt DEAD in the morning, the first half of my 15 mile commute were REALLY slow, however the second half, I average 17mph, the evening commute was much of the same. I finished on 24 miles, Nice and happy and my legs felt “Less Dead”


Headed into Manchester City Centre after I had finished, to prep for a meeting the next day, after about a mile BOOM, A couple of spokes went in my font wheel, Argh, Phoned the nice people at Evans Cycles, Deansgate, They agreed to fix it there and then, so I headed on my way, as promised, it was done and dusted “While U Wait” GREAT Service as ALWAYS from the Deansgate branch, The Trafford one could learn a LOT.

Sicky Bikey

On another note, I  ordered a Altura Night Vision Evo coat in preparation for the winter, First off I picked it up on Tuesday morning from the Post Office, Its a 3XL and I thought it fit REALLY well, However when I was in Evans, waiting for my wheel, I decided to try on a 2XL…..Ermmm….It fit even better….Bugger….Oh well, Lesson learnt, TRY STUFF ON !!!!!!……..

So I tied the bottom strings tight and , got on with it…..

Wednesday was pretty normal, legs had come pretty much back up to speed, but it seemed I was lacking in form.

Thursday was pretty much the same.

I woke up early on Friday though and decided I wanted to do some crazy miles, as I was doing some stretches , on the sofa, at 6am, I heard and almighty crash, then again and again, after some investigations I found out it was caused by GALE FORCE WINDS Outside,

I called off the big ride on saftey gounds and relaxed for a while, when I did head into work, I took the shortest route I could, and what a great thing that was, the wind was scary, I was pushed sideways at every single side road on the way, It wasnt safe to cycle and boy it wasnt easy, but I did it and I was pretty proud I had, it was the worst wind I have ever cycled in, the evening commute was the same and I was VERY glad the week was over………

Friday evening my winter pants had arrived, Altura Night Vision ones, just like my coat, they are warm, waterproof and you can’t really be missed in them either.

C’om Winter, Make My Day !!!!!


Had a rare chance to get out on a ride, took an old, heavy MTB for a thrashing, was great fun, did 10 miles in 45 mins, including 4.5 miles on a wet, slippy canal towpath, Joel Lane (26% Hill) and then on the way down Joel Lane I caught 2 guys in Saxo Bank kit, on road bikes and sat on their back wheels for almost 2 miles at 25 Mph, I was done in by the time I got home, covered in mud, but with a huge grin on my face.

Ride Safe…LiveSTRONG.





6 responses

26 09 2010
Clive Chapman

Rock on Gaz! 2xl!:-)

26 09 2010

Yeah, and you know the crazy thing ? I already wear 2 x 2xl jumpers, I thought they were 3xl D’oh

26 09 2010
Peter Martin

Interesting stuff mate may give one of those jackets a go myself!

26 09 2010

REALLY REALLY Warm and I AM sooooo cold these days, cant get a better review than that, I wanted it in red though 😦

26 09 2010

Hey which paper Gaz? I’ll keep an eye out.

26 09 2010

Was last weeks Advertiser mate, its not “Online” Yet though.

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