Baby, I Was BORN To Run !

31 10 2010

Yet another great week, only this time, its not JUST cycling related.

Sure I did cycle 100 miles and around 50% of that was down a canal bank (A great work out) and boy was it bloody good fun.

Last week I lost 9 Lbs, a number so high that I have not seen since the early days, but that scared me, A LOT, So to avoid a low number this week I decided I had to kick into a higher gear yet again, Allow me to introduce you to “The 39 Stone RUNNER”

The 39 Stone Runner !!!!!


I ran a total of 23K This week, no super fast times, I did manage a 30 second sprint at 14 mph, boy did it hurt !!!! but boy it also felt great, I am now at my lowest EVER adult weight, wearing the smallest clothes ever as an adult, I’m Almost there.

With my weigh in looming on Monday morning, the early indications are that I have beaten what could have been a low number by taking up the running, the good thing is, I enjoyed it too, a good job really when you look at the fact I want to do a Triathlon next year.

On a Bike related front, the Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign wrote a GREAT article about myself that was published this weekend, the weight figures are a little bit dated now but I think its great read , but then, I would say that LOL.

Read it HERE , Adobe PDF Reader needed.




Oi Cavendish ! Watch Your Back – Gaz Is Here !

29 10 2010
It Might be 4XL But I Cant Tell You How Proud I Am To Wear It !!!!!

It Might be 4XL But I Cant Tell You How Proud I Am To Wear It !!!!!

FOUR !!!!!! Gaz Goes Shopping.

27 10 2010

It’s not every day that you will see me in a sports shop, well truth was, 10 years or so ago I didnt shop anywhere else, since then, there has been no point at all, as NOTHNG ever came close to fitting me.

Of course, that has all changed now and I spent around 3 hours in one on my 30th Birthday (I know, I know, living it up)

I’ll start with a golf / Cycling picture.

The 39 Stone Golfer ???

The top I had on was a Karrimoor XL cycling top, the golf  club was a ermmmm. nop, no idea 🙂

I was like a “kid in a sweetshop” I tried on pretty much every single football shirt they had (Excluding Manchester City & Liverpool of course)

I still started with 3xl , until by the end, my mind was set that in 99% of stuff XL was more than fine, I even purchased a Large top too.It might just take me as long to get mentally used to my body changes as its taken me to make the changes.

In the end I got some cycling tops, Tshirts and a compression top.

After I left, I still had a fair bit of cash left, so I thought to myself, Why not order a Pro Team Kit and just SEE if it fits or not ???

Did it ?

Oh Sorry…….Gotta run…Maybe next time 🙂

Do you BELIEVE ?

My Original Goal List.

25 10 2010

Below is my original, upto date Goal list. This is one of only a few of my updates that wont include some sort of picture, the list its self paints the only picture you need to see.

So, What have I not yet done and WHY ?

Ride a Harley – Reason – I don’t Have a drivers license – Before I chose cycling I purchased a helmet and leathers and was ready for my test, now While I still want to take a ride on a Harley, its just not important.

Learn to Box-Reason- I’m a lover not a fighter. Truth be told this seemed like something I wanted to do, but things change.

Ride a roller coaster again – Reason- A busy summer and lack of confidence has kept this one out of reach, NOW I am ready, however most parks are closed, I will wait for next summer, this one will have been 13 years in the making !!!

Fit in a size 34 pants – Reason – I’m almost there, come back in a month or so for this one.

Thats it, that’s ALL from my original list that I have not yet done, I cant start to tell you the sense of PRIDE I feel right now.

I am in the process of writin a new “intermediate” list to bridge the gap between the original, almost complete list and my new LONG Term goal list, Hopfully by the end of the year it will be finished, there are already a few suprizes in there 🙂

Thanks for all the support……The original list is below


Ride a Harley

Learn to Box

Not be scared to sit in chairs fearing I won’t fit or that I will smash it – DONE!

Be able to fit into an airline seat comfortably with no ‘fat boy’ extender belt –DONE ! May 24 2010

Ride a roller coaster again-

Cardio and weights at least 4 times a week – DONE!

Be able to bend over and tie my shoes – DONE!

Fit comfortably in a theater seat – DONE!

Walk up the stairs at work without losing breath – DONE!

Be able to buy clothes in a ‘regular’ non-”big and tall” store – DONE!

Being able to walk into a room and not think that you are the biggest person in the room –DONE!

Be comfortable wearing a shirt tucked in- DONE!

Be comfortable wearing a belt – DONE!

Be able to wrap a bath towel around myself and be covered – DONE!

Weigh less than 400 pounds – DONE!

Weigh less than 350 pounds – DONE!

Weigh less than 300 pounds – DONE!

Weigh less than 250 pounds-DONE!

Reach goal weight of 235 pounds- DONE! – Oct 2010- Need to re-evaluate my Goal Weight now!!!

BMI of 49.9 – DONE!

BMI of 39.9 – DONE!

BMI of 35.0 – DONE!

BMI of 29.9 –DONE!

Walk 1 mile – DONE!

Walk 2 miles – DONE!

Walk 3 miles – DONE!

Walk 4 miles – DONE!

Walk 5 miles – DONE!

Run 1/4 mile – DONE!

Run 1/2 mile – SKIPPED IT! Went Right To 2 Miles

Run 1 mile – SKIPPED IT!Went Right To 2 Miles

Run 2 miles – DONE!

Run 3 miles – DONE!

Run 4 miles –DONE!

Run 5 miles –DONE!

RUN not walk the Manchester Bupa Great Run (10k) –

Bench 225 pounds 8 times – DONE!

Bench 225 1 time – DONE!

Fit in a size 34 pants –

Fit in a size 36 pants –DONE!

Fit in a size 38 pants –DONE!

Fit in a size 40 pants – DONE!

Fit in a size 42 pants – DONE!

Fit in a size 44 pants – DONE!

Fit in a size 46 pants – DONE!

Fit in a size 48 pants – DONE!

Fit in a size 50 pants – DONE!

Fit in a size 52 pants – DONE!

Fit in a size 54 pants – DONE!

Fit in a size 56 pants – DONE!

Fit in a size 58 pants – DONE!

Fit in a size 60 pants – DONE!

Fit in a size 62 pants – DONE!

Fit in a size 64 pants – DONE!

Fit in a size 66 pants – DONE!

Be able to wear a size 7XL shirt – DONE!

Be able to wear a size 6XL shirt – DONE!

Be able to wear a size 5XL shirt – DONE!

Be able to wear a size 4XL shirt – DONE!

Be able to wear a size 3XL shirt – DONE!

Be able to wear a size 2XL shirt – DONE!

Be able to wear a size XL shirt –DONE!

Be able to wear a size L shirt –DONE!

Winter Is Here – 3rd Week Of Oct In Review-Radioshack Gaz ?

23 10 2010

Last week I did over 100 miles.

Thats the goal, no matter what, 100 is the MINIMUM number, I have to say, it was close though, Wednesday, I was working in Manchester CC, So a longer ride YAY, however, there was frost everywhere, so I took my old MTB (Still waiting to be paid out for the Cube 😦 )great fun, held onto a roadie at 23mph for about a mile but damn it was cold, on the way home I took the canal, what should have been 5 miles was almost 11 EXCELLENT – but bugger me, those Geese are EVIL !!!!! and I was FULL of mud….

The rest of the week was either Windy or so wet that full waterproofs were needed and while I am over my hamstring issues , I have been stuck with a cold for a couple of weeks, by the end of the week, I just had nothing left in me at all 😦

But after a couple of slow weeks of weight loss, this week was HUGE, the challenge now is to keep it up next week.

and finally, when working near Evans Cycles, I popped in at Lunch, I saw a XXL Radioshack Back “Last Day” top, I thought I would try it on, I knew it would be too tight, but it wasnt “Too” bad.ONE DAY, It will fit !!!!!

Radioshack Last Day Jersey

Back to 1999 ?

20 10 2010

This shirt is from 1996-1998, the last time it fit me, was 1999, over 11 years in the making, here we are again.


Not worn in 11 years


Will Cycling “Team Kit” now fit me ?


Do you BELIEVE ?

Rubbish ! Or Is it ?

19 10 2010

Here you can see around 3 bin liners full of shirts, jumpers etc  !

As most of you know by now, It was my 30th last week, I went out and purchased lots of new clothes, something i had not done in the way I did (further update to follow) As such I needed to throw a lot of the old stuff away to make room, I only bagged up what no longer fit, and the result was what you see in the picture.

I am now Large to Xlarge in pretty much everything I own and it feels great.

Someone suggested putting my old clothes on eBay, so there are plenty of barley worn Football and work shirts on there now :0), though I’m not sure there is any point TBH.

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