September Screamer (Sept 500) Results Are In !

3 10 2010

The Challenge was to commute over 500 miles in the month of September, How did I do ?

Well, I felt for the past couple of weeks like I have been coming down with something, so much so that a couple of times I had to scale my mileage RIGHT back , with just 1 day left I had still not hit 500 miles, but in the end, I did it.

So over 530 miles in the end, Dean and I have agreed (Well I have anyways) that in July 2011 we will Aim for 750 miles !!!!!!!!


Of Course !!!!

Let me leave you with a picture, this was taken on the final day, Can you say Monsoon ?

and Finally – I got a XXL Aldi Cycling Jersey the other day, £1.99 from eBay, BARGAIN, but would it fit ?????




6 responses

3 10 2010

Great post, and yes I’ve learned how to say Monsoon, two days, two absolute soakings, but still phenomenally great cycling through the downpours.

3 10 2010

If you think todays post was good- wait till you see tomorrows 🙂

Yup Lov it, wouldnt change it for the world !

4 10 2010
Clive Chapman

Wet and windy! Love it!

4 10 2010

Lov the wet, not so much the Windy TBH

4 10 2010

I’ve just started commuting to work by bike again myself. I could do with a bit of your determination for dealing with the weather!

4 10 2010

Red, Its a bug mate, once you get bitten again im sure you will be on 500 miles a DAY (Again) 🙂

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