Time To “Compress” Gaz – New Pictures – New Sizes – New WOW’s

4 10 2010

For a while now I have been thinking about picking up a compression top, to help with my “Skin”

At the weekend I finally took the plung and picked up a Nike Dri-Fit one from Sports Direct.

With it on, it was time to try some stuff on that I dont normally wear.

First up I decided to try on a XXL “Christie” T-Shirt.

"The Christie" (XXL)

Humm, Happy with that, Lets go even further and try on a XL Polo Shirt !

REALLY Happy, So decided to try on a XL Football shirt, this I know is a tad smaller than the above Polo Shirt…..Would it fit ????

My reaction to the above ?

“******* HELL”

To say I am chuffed is a HUGE Understatement !!!!

It does mean that all the football shirts I purchased just 2 and a half months ago are now FAR too big, but hey, It doesn’t matter :0)

I am a LONG Way from when the below picture was first taken, I still have a few stone to go though.

Back Where It All Started !






10 responses

4 10 2010
Swindon Cyclist

Your Christie t-shirt is on back to front…

Well done though lad.

4 10 2010

Here was me thinking I was putting in the wrong way round and no one would notice 🙂

Cheers Fellah

4 10 2010

You are simply inspirational, fantastic achievement,

4 10 2010

Thanks very much mate !

5 10 2010
Clive Chapman

Looking good feller, said in a very manly way of course.

Cough, er, anyone see the Bears game last night…

5 10 2010

Isnt a “Bear” a type of homosexual man ?

Clive, well done mate, and thanks, for chosing to “come out” on my blog.

6 10 2010
Clive Chapman


As for coming out, I wished I’d stayed in this morning! Bloody soaked pedalling in today!

6 10 2010


Today with around 3.5-4 miles to go till work my tyre EXPLODED !!!!!! Thought i’d been SHOT !!!!

Nice long walk to work followed (IN FULL Waterproofs), good Triathlon Training though 🙂

18 11 2010
Mobile Hard Drive

polo shirts are very casual and stylish indeed, most of the time i use polo shirts ~:.

18 11 2010

Right then

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