Hamstring Woes, A Week Of Pain.& Some Good Pictures Too !

9 10 2010

I enjoy cycling, It doesnt matter, if its in a monsoon, a heatwave, snow, ice, I just LOVE IT, This Week however test that love, TO THE LIMIT.

The week started out normally, decent milage, then on Monday night, after the commute, I had a football kick around, it only lasted for 45-60 mins, there was a couple of balls I went for that were too far infront of me, this rsulted in me waking up on Tuesday with 2 pulled hamstrings, OUCH.

Wednesday, I was of course still struggling with the pain, but putting in decent miles, having done 50 miles by Wednesday morning, I was gonna back it off a little and just do 10, great plan, was raining and pretty cold, but pace wise I was nice and relaxed and trying to keep a high cadence, then after 6 miles I head a huge BANG, for a second I thought I’d been shot, that, however wasn’t the case, it was just my inner tube, no problems I though, got it changed pretty quick, and had it inflated, as I turned back to my bike BANG again……….Hummm, Checked the tyre only to find a huge cash in the side of it, it was a little after 8am, nowhere was open, and I was near nowhere, so I walked the 4 miles to work.


After 8000 Miles This Tyre Has Given Up On Life !


Thursday night, with my legs worse than ever, and the head wind from HELL,  I saw Tommo , now he was clearly hurt by the beating I had handed out to him over the last few weeks, for as soon as he knew I was hurting, he put the hammer down and left me for dead, I closed the gap by the time I got to Devils Hill in Hyde, but I was out, in too much pain, and too tired, I let him go, but I did send him a SMS, warning , that next time, revenge WILL be mine :0)

Friday was pretty relaxed, still put in 20 miles for the day, but low average speeds and high cadence meant that by Saturday morning my hamstrings were STARTING to feel a little more normal again.


A picture of me wearing a XL Retro Cycling Jersey !


Reto XL Cycling Jersey


Friday Night, Went to Asda, Tried on some XL tops, The Results are below.


From 8XL to XL




Again 8XL to XL


and Finally


XL Just Lar'kin Around





4 responses

10 10 2010

You’re becoming quite the clothes horse i.e., male model. I don’t like the sound of you pushing those hamstrings so hard.

10 10 2010

A model huh ? Thats not something thats ever been said before LOL

My hamstrings dont like it either, but I have told them to MAN UP and deal with it 🙂

A weekends rest has made them feel much better though

11 10 2010
Clive Chapman

Mate, cycling (and running) shortens muscles, do anything out of the ordinary and you risk a pull. Have a check of google for some good calf, ham and glute stretches.

That cycle top is horrible! Did you win your bet? 😉

11 10 2010

Been doing some good stretches, but TBH I still feel im down around 40% of power, I averaged 15Mph this morning, but was so fresh, the reality is I should have done MUCH better, I am also a little scared of doing it again, ouch the pain, guess it will be ANOTHER week, before I am back to pull power.

horrible ???? Its Retro Baby, Im offended 🙂 Not bad for a fiver though, Its actually nice to wear, I have picked up a few, needed to see what would/wouldnt fit these days .

horrible indeed….TUT

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