Cycling Action Pictures. & A VERY Important Announcement !!!

11 10 2010

First Of, PLEASE Ensure you come back on Friday, there will be a post with HUGE Significance , It’s almost as HUGE as I used to be !!!!!!! The post is wrote and due to be published at around 11am UK Time.

Last week a colleague and friend kindly  took the following pictures. I think he’s done a great job with them…..


Givin' It Leg's



Wow, Faster Than A Speeding Bullet.



Yes, It Was Cold !



Track Stand Baby


Now, There is this “Large” Cycling Jersey, Next to my 5XL one, Looks too small for me TBH…..




8 responses

11 10 2010


Nice pics.

Saw you this morning Gaz near Bredbury station – overtaking a looong line of traffic!

11 10 2010

Cheers Mate

You did ? I didnt notice another cyclist ! or were you going the other way ?

Traffic was crazy there this morning TBH.

12 10 2010

I was walking – pushing a blue mtb the opposite way & probably looking a bit pissed having been knocked off!

The traffic was crazy on your side, but there’s nothing better than overtaking standing traffic is there?

15 10 2010

SHIT Mate, The amount of problems us cyclists have is taking the **** now !

Hope your ok, sorry I cant say I remeber seeing you though.


17 10 2010
Peter Martin

Looking good lad!

17 10 2010

Cheers Pete Mate

19 10 2010

Congratulations on #30 – from here on out, you stop counting! 🙂 I’ve been 30 16 times in a row now!

19 10 2010

Thanks , Appreciate it.

Now thats an idea 😀

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