Fit For 30 ! Did I Do It ? Also Remember That “Large” Cycling Jersey ??

15 10 2010

So Today I have turned the Big 30 !!!!!!

Scary …..Not because I feel old, but its scary because, if the truth be told,  didn’t actually think I would make it this far………..

A little over 2 year’s years ago, when I decided to choose to change,  I was a dead man “Waddling”….. Yup, I wasnt even “Walking”

By the way, its NEVER too late, I cant remember “Walking, Normally” , However a few colleagues have, recently, mentioned just how “normal” I’m now walking, Even after a loss of 18 stone, I still couldn’t stand up straight, due to the all the force that used to be on my back, that’s no longer the case, while my back is causing me a bit of pain right now, that’s actually due to being hit by a van, as opposed to my weight.

……….So, Back on topic, when I decided to chose change , A secondary goal I had in my mind was “Fit by 30” Didnt really think I would achieve it TBH, but did I ?

Let’s look at some numbers first:

Could "THIS" Turn Fit For 30 ?????

When I set the Goal. At 28:                                                 Now Im 30:

Waist 68-72″                                                                                  Waist 38-40″

Weight 39Stone 13Lbs .                                                             16 Stone And A Few Pounds !!!

Shirts 26″ Collar or 8XL                                                            17″ Collar or XL or even Large

BMI over 70                                                                                 BMI Under 29

Resting Hear Rate OVER 130Bmp                                       Resting Heart Rate 41BPM

Miles Cycled ZERO                                                                  Cycled over 12.000 Miles

I checked my weight loss by wrapping                             I now check my weight with scales

my fingers round my wrists….

Medical Issues:

Tpye 2 Diabeties

High Blood Pressure                                                                Medical Issues Now: NONE !!!!!

Sleep Apnia

Sooooo, Yes I am still “Overweight” …..

WOW ….. That feels so good to write, I have gone from , Super morbidly Obese to morbidly Obese down to  clinically Obese followed by Obese and now I am “Just” overweight ….AMAZING !!!!!!

Thought-out all this I have learned so much, but I feel a great comment to remember, by the GREAT, Bernhard Eisel of HTC,  is that “Cycling is about suffering” Its true, I suffer now, just as much as I did on day one, but now it’s because I can go much faster, for further and longer and that’s why I suffer, I actually enjoy the pain of the “Burn” of Lactic Acid, it reminds me I am still alive….I LOVE CYCLING !!!

Sorry back on track, yes I am overweight but look at the above table, I cycle at least 100 miles a week, I have beaten my medical issues into a pulp, so have I achieve the goal of Fit for 30 ???????

Its not a question I am going to answer……I am going to leave it upto you !!!!!

Now, About that “Large” Cycling Jersey, Did it fit ? ?

From 8XL (XXXXXXXXL) In Normal Shirts, To A “Large” Cycling Jersey

I find it pretty telling that my Before Picture was in a red/pink shirt (8XL) and today the Current picture, in the smallest shirt I own is also a red one, It’s something that’s only just occurred to me TBH.

and before I go off, to enjoy the day, I will leave you with this video, I know, I posted it not long ago, but I watched it the other day and it amazed me, just how big I was.

I am PROOF that second chances DO exist and if I got mine, Anyone can get theres !!!!!!!!!





16 responses

15 10 2010

Happy birthday mate!

Amazing for sure, proud of you

the figures are amazing, but you should also be proud of the people you have inspired along the way 🙂

have a great day!

15 10 2010

Thanks Mate, Its been a while, how are you getting on buddy ?

Cheers Dude, I really appreciate that, lets hope I can continue to inspire by leading by example eh ? 🙂

I’ll try, already been shopping, that was AMAZING, but your gonna have to wait for the next update for the details


15 10 2010

Happy Birthday Gaz & congratulations – truly amazing stuff!

Enjoy your day :>)

15 10 2010

Thanks Very Much Ian

Hope you are feeling better after your incident


15 10 2010
Clive Chapman

Happy Birthday Dude!

Brilliant achievement!

15 10 2010

Cheers Clive Buddy, Appreciate it.

15 10 2010
John the Monkey

Happy Birthday, and good work, fella.

An Italian “L” next 😉

15 10 2010

Cheers Mate

Not sure I’d ever fit in a XXXXXXS, Or Italian Large, as you call it 🙂

15 10 2010
Toby Field

Happy Birthday!

It really shows that you can do it without surgery. It just takes lots and lots of hard work.

15 10 2010

Thanks mate, That it sure does.

16 10 2010

Hi Gaz

Happy birthday! Hope you had a good day yesterday!

What you have achieved in two years is amazing!

Congratulations, you have every right to be very proud of yourself.

All the best


16 10 2010

Hi Simon Mate

Was pretty good yeah, Thanks



17 10 2010
Peter Martin

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE – you are now two stone lighter than me – how the hell did that happen?

17 10 2010


Maybe because I am on FIRE ! and have been for at least 6 months now 🙂

Tho, this weekend, has been a bit of a weekend off for me 🙂

Next week, I am gonna give myself “Bratings, Beatings, Beating” until this weekend is nothing more than a distant memory.

18 10 2010

Happy belated birthday.

19 10 2010

Thanks , Appreciate it.

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