Rubbish ! Or Is it ?

19 10 2010

Here you can see around 3 bin liners full of shirts, jumpers etc  !

As most of you know by now, It was my 30th last week, I went out and purchased lots of new clothes, something i had not done in the way I did (further update to follow) As such I needed to throw a lot of the old stuff away to make room, I only bagged up what no longer fit, and the result was what you see in the picture.

I am now Large to Xlarge in pretty much everything I own and it feels great.

Someone suggested putting my old clothes on eBay, so there are plenty of barley worn Football and work shirts on there now :0), though I’m not sure there is any point TBH.




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19 10 2010
Toby Field

I had to get ride of some clothes recently that are too massive. I can fit in large to XL now and my t-shirts were all 3XL. I had 10 work shirts that were too big. 5 had seen better days so I binned them but the others I gave to my 22st brother. If I didn’t have anyone to give them to I’d take them to a charity shop.

BTW I hate clothes shopping but it;s such an ego boost when you can go into normal high street shops and buy clothes that fit.

Keep on doing what you’re doing Gaz.

19 10 2010

TBH, what I didnt say, is this is about the 4 or 5th time I have had to do this.

but I never though i’d be getting ride of these sizes (19″ and 18″, 2 and 3xl etc)

I HATE shopping but I LOVED Friday. i’ll post sometime about it 🙂

You give me an idea, maybe I can offer my old clothes to fellow “fatties” who have lost weight and are intent on losing more weight, providing they pass em on once they are too big 🙂

19 10 2010

Lorra crap there mate.

On a more serious note – your google ads are pushing “All You Can Eat” in London for a fiver!

19 10 2010

Never noticed Ad’s here TBH.

but that said, it sounds ironic LOL

20 10 2010

At the rate i’m gaining weight I might need to some of those shirts.

I’ve gone from a 32″ waist to 38″ since July!

23 10 2010

Sorry mate, I can only give them to people getting smaller, not bigger 🙂

Plus, you are nowhere close to being big enough 🙂

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