Winter Is Here – 3rd Week Of Oct In Review-Radioshack Gaz ?

23 10 2010

Last week I did over 100 miles.

Thats the goal, no matter what, 100 is the MINIMUM number, I have to say, it was close though, Wednesday, I was working in Manchester CC, So a longer ride YAY, however, there was frost everywhere, so I took my old MTB (Still waiting to be paid out for the Cube 😦 )great fun, held onto a roadie at 23mph for about a mile but damn it was cold, on the way home I took the canal, what should have been 5 miles was almost 11 EXCELLENT – but bugger me, those Geese are EVIL !!!!! and I was FULL of mud….

The rest of the week was either Windy or so wet that full waterproofs were needed and while I am over my hamstring issues , I have been stuck with a cold for a couple of weeks, by the end of the week, I just had nothing left in me at all 😦

But after a couple of slow weeks of weight loss, this week was HUGE, the challenge now is to keep it up next week.

and finally, when working near Evans Cycles, I popped in at Lunch, I saw a XXL Radioshack Back “Last Day” top, I thought I would try it on, I knew it would be too tight, but it wasnt “Too” bad.ONE DAY, It will fit !!!!!

Radioshack Last Day Jersey




4 responses

23 10 2010

Get in there son! That’s what I call keeping on the boil, using your body to get the reward you so richly desrve. I’ve got to get that keep moving ethic into my daily routine.

23 10 2010

Cheers Buddy ……… Im trying my best to keep the intensity so high………so far….so good 🙂

Let’s just hope before too long that Shack Jersey fits.

24 10 2010
Clive Chapman

Won’t be long mate…

24 10 2010

Let us hope so Clive mate.

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