FOUR !!!!!! Gaz Goes Shopping.

27 10 2010

It’s not every day that you will see me in a sports shop, well truth was, 10 years or so ago I didnt shop anywhere else, since then, there has been no point at all, as NOTHNG ever came close to fitting me.

Of course, that has all changed now and I spent around 3 hours in one on my 30th Birthday (I know, I know, living it up)

I’ll start with a golf / Cycling picture.

The 39 Stone Golfer ???

The top I had on was a Karrimoor XL cycling top, the golf  club was a ermmmm. nop, no idea 🙂

I was like a “kid in a sweetshop” I tried on pretty much every single football shirt they had (Excluding Manchester City & Liverpool of course)

I still started with 3xl , until by the end, my mind was set that in 99% of stuff XL was more than fine, I even purchased a Large top too.It might just take me as long to get mentally used to my body changes as its taken me to make the changes.

In the end I got some cycling tops, Tshirts and a compression top.

After I left, I still had a fair bit of cash left, so I thought to myself, Why not order a Pro Team Kit and just SEE if it fits or not ???

Did it ?

Oh Sorry…….Gotta run…Maybe next time 🙂

Do you BELIEVE ?




6 responses

27 10 2010
Toby Field

I did the same recently. Started with the size I thought I was and soon realised I could go smaller. However, some brands aren’t very generous.

You need to smile a bit in your photos. You look miserable for someone so happy!

27 10 2010

Yeah, I have a LARGE Compression top from Umbro, but my Nike ones are XL, I have a Addidas Thermal one thats XXL but as opposed to being compression its now baggy LOL

I know, Its something that will be on the new goal list mate 😀

27 10 2010

Atta boy Gaz!
Mind you I was feeling a good deal less like cycling was a good weight loss option at 06.45am this morning 5 miles from home with a punctured front, a repair kit but……….NO F’ing pump!

To say the least it was a very long, wet, cold, depressing, aggravating, miserable walk home.

Sufficient to say a new Co2 mini inflater and a bottle of “Sludge” have been ordered via eBay this very morning!

Fed up London!

27 10 2010

LOL Mate

Couple of weeks ago my rear tyre RIPPED, blew 2 tubes, I walked 5 miles, with a pulled hamstring , in the cold and rain.

A week ago, I had 2 punctures, walked 3 miles in the freezing cold

What am I trying to say ? That I feel your pain mate LOL , Its all good fun 🙂

2 11 2010
Peter Martin

Jealous as feck!

2 11 2010

No need to be Jealous mate, Jump on this losers bench with me mate……

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