Baby, I Was BORN To Run !

31 10 2010

Yet another great week, only this time, its not JUST cycling related.

Sure I did cycle 100 miles and around 50% of that was down a canal bank (A great work out) and boy was it bloody good fun.

Last week I lost 9 Lbs, a number so high that I have not seen since the early days, but that scared me, A LOT, So to avoid a low number this week I decided I had to kick into a higher gear yet again, Allow me to introduce you to “The 39 Stone RUNNER”

The 39 Stone Runner !!!!!


I ran a total of 23K This week, no super fast times, I did manage a 30 second sprint at 14 mph, boy did it hurt !!!! but boy it also felt great, I am now at my lowest EVER adult weight, wearing the smallest clothes ever as an adult, I’m Almost there.

With my weigh in looming on Monday morning, the early indications are that I have beaten what could have been a low number by taking up the running, the good thing is, I enjoyed it too, a good job really when you look at the fact I want to do a Triathlon next year.

On a Bike related front, the Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign wrote a GREAT article about myself that was published this weekend, the weight figures are a little bit dated now but I think its great read , but then, I would say that LOL.

Read it HERE , Adobe PDF Reader needed.






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31 10 2010

Bloddy hell 9 Lbs in a week thats fantastic! I know you cycle a lot and you cycle hard, but can I ask how much you eat and drink?

You must keep your calorie intake pretty low to still see that kind of loss. I am interested because my weight loss has stalled, but then I have never really adjusted my intake, just done more exercise.

Your advice is appreciated! Keep up the good work.

31 10 2010

Hi mate

I take in around 1000 cals per day during the week and around 1800 cals a day at the weekend (I use weekends to recover from the beatings I give myself during the week)

Hope that helps 🙂


31 10 2010

Thanks, wow 1000 cals per day is nothing. What sort of stuff do you eat? I guess its just a case of getting used to it.

I need to start tracking what I eat… seems like a good idea to treat yourself (a little) at the weekend.

You have certainly found the winning solution though.

P.S. you still need to smile for pics 😉

31 10 2010

1000 Per day isnt a huge amount no, but once I am at goal (No more than 2 stone now) I can up my intake to 1800-2200 without worry of having to keep the weigh loss going like a train (Like it is now LOL)

Once your body is used to it, its a breeze mate, last year I must admit at weekends I was doing 2500-3000 cals a day, No ideal, I was undoing most of the hard work I had done commuting LOL.

I couldnt smile in the gym, your not allowed to take pictures, so was being descreet :D, Check the Astana Pics later this week though for a smile and an amazing comparison too.


31 10 2010

Wow 9lbs that is amazing! You must be proud 🙂

31 10 2010

I sure as hell am 🙂

1 11 2010

9lb in a week!! This can’t be just from riding, is it?

1 11 2010

Sure is BUT, all maybe not as it seems

You seen I lose an average of 3-5lbs a week, but the 2 weeks before I lost 2 lbs (1 lbs a week) so averaged out over 3 weeks, I lost a little under 4 lbs a week.

So yes, 9 lbs in a week was down to cycling, but it doesnt tell the WHOLE story 😀


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