Gaz Spends Friday Night In A&E (Or The E.R.)….

27 11 2010

Friday started well…Truth be told the whole week was good, not missing the canal once, despite having around 7 damn punctures since starting the Canal Commute (and 2 last week), I ordered some Marathon Plus MTB Tyres and a new pump , ensuring that I will do EVERYTHING I can to keep doing the 22 mile per day route over the winter.

However the week went from pretty damn good to a NIGHTMARE by Friday afternoon……I felt run down in the afternoon and by about 3pm I was doubled over in AGONY …by around 4pm (I think) an Ambulance had been called, I attempted to refuse and said I would cycle home….I’m an idiot sometimes…(I was wearing My Quitting Lasts Forever Shirt Though)… I was loaded into an ambulance and filled full of morphine.

39 Stone Cyclist In Hospital AGAIN :(

Diggin The Gown "Gaz"

The Doctor examined me and said …..and here is the best bit EVER……

“You have a lot of lose skin sir, did you used to be very heavy ?”

Now on the face of it, not a great thing for someone to say to you…BUT… Normally the first thing any Doctor says to me is “You are too FAT, Lose Weight” so for not a single one of them to say that and only mention my lose skin…well that’s a BONUS !

When I was leaving hospital I didn’t have a shirt/coat/jumper….So I was forced to borrow a LARGE Coat….Never in a million years did I expect it to fit…..

Large Coat, Hospital Gown, HUGE XXXXXXL Needle......

Large Coat, Hospital Gown, HUGE XXXXXXL Needle......

Turns out I have/Had Kidney stones….I am feeling MUCH better today, seems I passed them when I did a sample ….HURRAH…So with that in mind I needed to get my bike today, my kind colleagues ensured that it was inside the office (After me refusing help and then saying sort my bike out or I aint going nowhere)….I decided to use the life (not something I normally do but was tired) the lift then broke down in-between floors…In a building with 3 people in it…SIGH…So then I got my ike, my cycling shoes and I was all set…To put it in my car..when I couldn’t then get out of the building…LOL..

So the stones seem to have gone, my bike is home and ready for Monday, I have AGAIN been lucky that it wasn’t anything major that could have derailed my weight loss…Time for a good rest and then on Monday its time to beat the living crap out of myself again……


Pain Is Temporary ………..

25 11 2010

…………Quitting Last FOREVER !!!!!!!………….DON’T QUIT……!!!!!!!!! (Shirt Is Large BTW).


Pain Is Temporary...Quitting Lasts FOREVER....39 Stone Cyclist

Pain Is Temporary...Quitting Lasts FOREVER.... DON'T QUIT

The Stable Updating Is Finished :-)

24 11 2010

So , Once again, I am now a Roadie.

In the past I have had 3-4 bikes at a time, to cover for any breakages etc, Last week I realised that, at under 15 stone, I don’t need to stock up on quantity any more ( Thanks to a comment Pete left on here a couple of weeks ago or so), what I need now, is 2 good, high-class, bikes, one roadie and one MTB.

Well the MTB Was sorted last week with the new Cube LTD Team:

Now, it’s the roadie’s turn.

This wasnt as easy as the MTB, I almost Got a Trek Madone, missing out by just a few quid on eBay, then I almost smashed my budget on a Cube Roadie with Dura Ace, then I was inches away from a Trek 1.7, but I read there is quite a lot of frame flex, now, im not sure that’s true, but then I had the chance to get myself a Cannondale CAAD8 2010…..As soon as it was confirmed that I could have it, there was nothing more to consider, sure I wanted a CAAD9 but this beats anything else I have owned HANDS DOWN….I have only cycled 1 mile…..but that was done , at night, on icy road, in PB Times….WOW WOW WOW

Cannondale CAAD 8 , 2010

Cannondale CAAD 8 , 2010

Yes, its a crap picture, but worry not, i’ll get some good ones before winter hits and it gets retired till April.


39 Stone Cyclist & British Cycling.

23 11 2010

Last week , British Cycling ran a story on me, To read it, Just click the picture below.


Cube Ltd Team 2011

22 11 2010

Finally, I got paid out for being hit by a VAN….Its almost 6 months since the accident, my knee is still causing me issues but I am plodding on, due to the time taken to pay, the Ltd Comp’s price has gone up, so I added some money to the pay out and went for a better bike…..Almost got hit by a Van on Friday AM Tho !!!!!!!!

Quick Edit: This , along with my last cube was purchased from Surosa Cycles, they are fast becoming my Favoured bike shop, I ordered on Saturday and it was ready on Wednesday, I have also owned a Surosa Road Bike, and while not perfect, it was indeed a great bike, Surosa Cycles, Take a Bow !!!!

Cube Ltd Team 2011 Blue, White and Silver

Cube Ltd Team 2011

Cube Ltd Team 2011 Blue, White and Silver

Cube Ltd Team 2011


Cube Ltd Team 2011 Blue, White and Silver

Cube Ltd Team 2011 Blue, White and Silver

and least we forget, why this Cube arrived…RIP Cube Ltd Comp 2010


Bye Bye

The Biggest Loser….On Xbox 360…..Changing Lives…FOREVER…!

20 11 2010

Well, Today I was going to talk about the fact I am now down to one bike

I was going to talk about the fact I now own a 2011 Cube Ltd Team

I was going to talk about my new Lance Armstrong Shirt

My new, smaller, Alutra Coat

My Interview with British Cycling

Last weeks cycling stories


But I’m not going to do any of that, for this morning, My copy of The Biggest Loser, on Xbox 360 arrived…


Biggest Loser Xbox 360 Kinect, 39 stone cyclist

Biggest Loser, Xbox 360 Kinect

..Now, Im sure a few of you are thinking……Wait….Biggest Loser, that’s the show about getting OFF your arse and beating the crap out of your body’s through PUNISHING workouts….and the Xbox 360 is about getting ON Your arse and doing bugger all….but you are wrong, for this is a Kinect enabled game, basically the Kinect Camera (Below) watches you work out, makes sure  you do it right (or you get your arse kicked by the trainers) and generally puts down a lot of hurt upon you.

I had NO Intention of buying Kinect, Until I heard about the Biggest Loser game (and the fact its now out) but BOY am I glad I did indeed buy it.

I worked out this morning for about 1 hours 45 mins, it was fun, it was BLOODY hard work (I did it on the hardest level, because I’m a fool, BUT I got 4/5 starts and an Achievement for it, BONUS)  and I loved every second, I did workouts, free play and even won a challenge,I am sat here now, tired and drenched in sweat.  In the game you can even play online, vs anyone else in the world, via xbox live, and either workout together or go against them in a challenge.

I didn’t plan to do a review post, but , for anyone who likes gadgets, loves being abused when working out and wants to lose weight, YOU CANT miss this ……….Sure cycling has gotten me down to the weight I am now, BUT this “Game” has worked out areas of my body that I never KNEW were there, sure you could buy a DVD video and follow that, but with those you dont know if your doing it right, with this, YOU DO !!!!!

**Just a Final note, this is based on the AMERICA Show, not the DULL British one….Go get it….NOW….**



Magicshine P7 MJ-836 Review

15 11 2010

WOW, What a Light !!!!!!


It cost me £75…..The Battery has a power meter, the light has a slinky silver case, but none of that matters.


Here is my £34.99 Blackburn Voyager


Blackburn Voyager 3.3

and my £74.99 P7 ???

Magicshine P7 MJ-836

Magicshine P7 MJ-836


P7 vs Blackburn on the Bars

P7 vs Blackburn on the Bars


I need say NO more 😀




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