34st Georgia is Britain’s fattest teenager again……..

1 11 2010

Note from Gaz: THIS SCARES the living Crap out of me !!!! This teenager was just a few stone under what I was, Got down to 15 stone (I’m now 15 stone 11lbs) and yet she has piled all the weight back on, I SIMPLY Cant allow this to happen to me, I just CANT……

……….I think the fact im scared it of happening to me, must be a good thing, at least I am keeping close tabs on it, BUT I have woken up a few times after nightmares where I was once again 40 stone !!!!

I do agree what she says about the NHS and its attitude to Obesity, however, as I have proved, all you need, is to eat less and move more, I lost 9 lbs the week before last and 5 lbs last week, thats a stone in 2 weeks, and I am almost at my goal weight, I am proof of what can be done, YES the NHS Has to step up, but by going to Fat Camp Georiga now knows what works, she just needs to put the plan  into action again.

The following was taken from the Daily Mail, Maybe the Daily Mail want to have a feel good obesity story ??? If they do then they know where I am, Gaz..

Teenager Georgia Davis impressed the nation when she lost half her body weight at a U.S fat camp last year.

But the morbidly obese 17-year-old has regained her title as ‘Britain’s fattest teenager’ after piling 16 stone back on in 16 months, and now weighs 34st.

The despairing student from Aberdare, south Wales had weighed 33st before going to the Wellspring Academy in North Carolina. While there the 5ft 6″ teenager dropped 15st in nine months, but soon returned to her old bad habits on returning to the UK last summer.

34 Stone !

‘I started eating the cheap, bad food I had before,’ she told the Daily Star.

‘I want to be slim again and it was tough when I realised I’d reached 34 stone.’

Georgia had gained weight when she started comfort eating after the death of her father and was bullied at school.

She said: ‘I’d eat to comfort myself and afterwards I’d feel worse and I’d eat again.’

In August 2008 a 33st Georgia was told by doctors to ‘lose 20 stones or die.’

Spurred into action, Georgia attended a £3,600-a-month diet academy for nine months, during which time she shrank to 18st and beat her Type 2 diabetes. She was seen by behavioural coaches, food psychologists and fitness trainers and encouraged to walk 10,000 steps every day.

Georgia’s daily feast…

3 bowls of sugary cereal
Sausage rolls and pies
6 packets of crisps
Pile of sandwiches
A chocolate cake
21 digestive biscuits
Ready meals
KFC takeaway
Chunks of cheese
Litre of coke

She returned to the UK in June 2009 to look after her mother Lesley, 55, who has a heart condition.

At the time the energised student was optimistic about her chances of success and vowed to drop a further seven stone.

She said:‘I used to look at myself in the mirror and cry. Now I smile and say, “Yeah, I like myself”.

‘I like my face and I like the way my body is shaped. The world is my oyster and I feel I can achieve anything.’

Susan Boardman, one of  the directors from the Academy said she was also confident she would be able to lose the extra weight as she had her eating under control.

Rhondda Cynon Taff Local Health Board said measures would be put in place to help her maintain her excellent progress.

But despite her U.S training and the promise of NHS support, Georgia was back up to 28st by April this year.

At her slimmest, Georgia had a normal life expectancy of 80 years, but at her current weight she is not expected to live past 20.

The youngster has strenuously defended herself from accusations that she is lazy, although she admits her weight gain is her own fault.

She said at the camp she had been in a controlled environment where she consumed 1,500 calories a day. However, at home she felt isolated as neither her family nor her friends were sticking to a healthy eating plan.

Georgia said she wants more help from the NHS, saying her problem is no different from drug or alcohol addiction.

The troubled teenager said: ‘I know I’m probably eating myself to death again but at the moment I can’t face up to it.’

Georgia was so delighted with her weight loss in 2009 that she shared her story on GMTV. However, she was unable to keep a healthy regime going




4 responses

2 11 2010
Clive Chapman

There by the Grace of God go all of us I think…

You’ll have to do a blog on your new eating habits now mate, maybe your old habits too, you’ve never really spoken about that. Unless I’ve missed it.

2 11 2010

TBH Mate, No, I have never detailed my eating habbits, Why ?

Its simple, you have to find out what works for YOU, its trial and error, but no one else can tell you what works for YOU !….Also People are too quick to tell you that what you are doing is wrong, so from the start I have always said. “Dont follow others, work towards finding YOUR Perfect plan”

3 11 2010
Clive Chapman

True enough, folk have pointed out potential errors in what I’m doing, but as you say, “we’re all individuals” to quote the Life of Brian.

Just thought as you like me have recorded most things about what you’re doing I thought a food post would make sense on that front rather than an advisory type thing.

Not sure I’ve made sense there, oh well…

3 11 2010

Individuals we are all, Indeed.

Your right mate, I think I will BUT probs not in the way you expect me to :-)……Watch this space.

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